Hazmat fun at UW

So I finished my mid-terms and was trying to go home for a couple hours before work. Apparently today was NOT the day. Why? Because apparently there was a hazardous material spill at Hall Health and all the buses got re-routed. I figured it was too much hassle to deal with, so instead of going home I decided to check out what the heck was going on. (Originally somebody was saying “fire by the HUB”)

(Ended up being a false alarm, but they had TWENTY NINE vehicles respond.)

There was lots of people standing around.

I stuck around for a while... and then got bored of watching people standing around and talking.

Gettin some scoop? Don't know. The question they asked us, before wandering off, was something like "Were you chased out of Hall Health?"

Meanwhile, in the Grieg Garden, there was a little Spring concert going on… (I got drawn to the music coming from the bushes.)

I love these little electric cars… they are so cute!

Quick snap of Suzzallo’s Reading Room. I’ll take a better one sometime soon…

Let’s just hope tomorrow is a less strange day…

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