When I get impatient…

So I have a bit of a hard time being patient. If the bus is taking too long, for example, I’m likely to just start walking. Sometimes it’s to the next stop and sometimes it’s to my destination (as long as it’s not way TOO far away). What’s too far away? Well, that depends on my mood and what kind of shoes I’m wearing. Today’s walk from Ravenna to Green Lake was about 30-40 minutes, and it was somewhat too long; but mostly just because I hadn’t brought water, too much of it was uphill, and because I was wearing bad walking shoes. I guess over-all, though, this is a good thing because it means I spend more time outside and walking instead of sitting/standing on a bus.

This is a small bridge in (or almost in) Green Lake. I’m facing the U-District (buildings in the far left) and Downtown Seattle, so I’m looking… South.


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