Seattle’s Luxury Chocolate Salon

Can you say Chocolate Coma?

I spent my Sunday happily warm inside the Bell Conference Center (on the Downtown Seattle waterfront). What was going on? The Chocolate Salon!
There was an abundance of amazing little chocolate companies and they all had delicious samples for us to try (and boxes/bags to buy).
Apparently this year was also a great year to be there because this year the A/C was working and the cruise ship docked outside did not make the alarm system go off (which led to everyone being temporarily evacuated from the building).

I didn’t take many pictures, but… here’s a shot of one of the beautiful boxes that I was standing close to all day:


I got to check out the new Capitol Hill Cupcake Royale location. It’s going to be GREAT and I’m very excited! (And I’m not even a huge cupcake consumer, so I think that says something!) I was especially happy to see that it’s big and that there’s plenty of seating so you can enjoy yourself there instead of having to eat your cupcake(s) elsewhere.

I got more packing and house searching done. I have a love/hate relationship with finding a new place to live. Hopefully we’ll find something in Wedgwood, Ravenna, or Maple Leaf. Maybe go for Greenwood or Ballard. It’s weird having to consider the commute to UW when I only have to do it October-March. Oh, well. It’ll be good. I’m just impatient and want to have it done already ;)



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