Seattle Yelpers do a Cupcake Crawl

So cupcakes have been getting big around here lately, so a Seattle Yelper organized a cupcake crawl. That was…. CRAZY, but delicious and fun. Thankfully we cut each cupcake up so people got to try some different flavors at each stop without going too overboard.

The first stop was Cupcake Royale in Capitol Hill. Highlights were the cupcake of the month (Raspberry Lemonade) and the delicious mocha I was glad I had.

The second stop was The Chocolate Box next to Pike Place Market. Highlights were the el diablo (something) mini cake they had ready for us, the customer service, and all the crazy and amazing local chocolates they have available. The manager spent a lot of time talking to us and mentioned that in Autumn they will be opening a place next door that will offer local food and wine. Sounds great!

The third stop was Dahlia Bakery. The outdoor seating was nice and the cupcakes looked pretty, but I needed a break so I can’t really say anything about the taste.

The fourth stop was Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co. Their cupcakes were great but my attention was mostly focused on finally finding the Cucumber flavor of Dry Soda. I fell in love.



Our fifth and last stop was at Macrina Bakery. They only had two options, but they were good. Highlight there (for me) was that their cupcakes had a fresh berry on top. The frosting of the white cupcake was also very interesting tasting.

Side note: If you ever decide to do something like a cupcake crawl, I recommend bringing water and picking places that are within walking distance. Those walks felt good!

I think it’ll be a while before I even think about wanting another cupcake…


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