Lunch Sampler @ Stir Martini & Raw Bar (Bellevue)

Earlier today I got to experience my first ever “media lunch” (as a guest) and I don’t think words can really express how much I enjoyed it.

Deconstructed Martinis

Sweet: Strawberry fig slurry, strawberries, candied lemon peel
Savory: Olive juice, olives, bleu cheese stuffed olives, anchovy stuffed olives
Herbal: Cucumber mint basil slurry, cucumber slices, lime wedges

My favorite was definitely the savory. I think it was mostly because we did not put much alcohol in there and therefore it was sweet. Those olives were great too! My second favorite was probably the herbal and the third was the sweet.

Orange Nairagi Poke & I think the Rock Shrimp Ceviche. The Ceviche was very simple and nice while the Poke had a nice spice to it. If I had to choose one, I’d go for the Poke.

These oysters… don’t even get me started! The bigger ones are called Gold Creek oysters and they tasted like the Puget Sound. It was unreal and beautiful and I wish I could have eaten like 5-10 more of them (after the three I had from this tray).

The king crab roll was tasty and filling.

I didn’t take a picture of the lobster bisque that we also tried, but it was also quite fabulous.

This was quite possibly the best beef I have ever eaten in a soup. It was so soft and delicious. The broth, noodles, and mushrooms were also very good and I was sad when I realized I couldn’t finish the full bowl if I wanted to try the rest of the samples they had planned for us.

Coconut prawns w/ mystery greens, kale, and black rice. Very delicious.

Sweet Gyoza (caramelized pear and fig, chocolate, kahlua dipping sauce). The drizzled chocolate made for a great dip!

Stir Martini & Raw Bar: Thank you for an amazingly delicious lunch.

Hopefully one of these days I’ll become enough of a foodie that my descriptions get much better than the over-used words “great” and “delicious.”

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