I’ve got some catching up to do.

It’s been a while since my last update. A lot’s been going on. A couple of the big happenings are that I have moved into the Wallingford neighborhood (of Seattle) and somewhat unexpectedly got a new job on campus. I am very excited about both of these things… and about finally getting my internet set up (yesterday)!

Wallingford Observations:
+ It seems like the best times to go out for food are Happy Hour and during lunch (because lots of places seem to have specials). So far I like Kate’s Pub for “traditional American”/comfort food (all food half-priced during happy  hour!),  Eggs Cetera’s Blue Star Cafe for breakfast, Djan’s Thai for Thai (I’m a fan of the seaweed soup), and the Ivar’s Salmon House for outdoor dining with a view (and a great HH menu that goes 3:30-close on all or most days).
+ More on food: Lots of Thai, a few sushi joints, a few Mexican food joints.
+ Place to hang out or get a warm beverage: Mosaic Community Coffee House. Lots of space, meeting room, and it’s donation-based so there are no set prices. From what I understand the baristas are volunteers.
+ Lots of cats, dogs, and children.
+ A wide array of shops.
+ Very active Sustainable Wallingford group.

So… pictures. Here’s something. Mostly nature and what-not.

This is from a nice (but short) path/service road near Interlaken Park.

Ultimate Urban Adventure Race: Oyster Relay
I heard from one girl that they took a blindfolded ride on the Duck before being dropped off somewhere and having to… walk or run back to the Seattle Center? I’m not sure. She didn’t enjoy the blindfolded ride, though.

A September Sunset in West Seattle

My camera wasn’t liking the light much, but this was a sunset on Alki Beach in West Seattle.


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