Raising relief funds w/ MTI @ Qwest Field

My, my. I’m sorry it’s been forever since I’ve updated. Again. There’s just been a lot going on recently; mostly involving starting Autumn quarter at the University of Washington and starting a new position at UW’s School of Arts & Sciences.

My new phone makes it easier to update more via Twitter, but today I decided it’s time to update this blog again.

Why today? Well, because today I spent most of my day volunteering at Qwest Field because a friend of mine invited anyone interested to volunteer for Medical Teams International in their fund-raising efforts to send relief to the Phillippines, Samoa, and Sumatra.

Edited to add: Results are in! We raised over $11,500 and Lofa Tatupu added a matching gift of $10k to that. WOW.

A shot of the stadium before most people got to their seats.

It was definitely much closer to game-time when I took this one.

I’m not big into football or most sporting events, but I still enjoy the energy and excitement of these sorts of things. In this instance my friend and I also got to try on Manu Tuiasosopo’s Superbowl ring (49ers / Super Bowl XIX in 1985) because he was volunteering and willing to let the kids (and us) take pictures with his ring. It doesn’t mean as much to me as it does for people that are actually excited about football itself and actually know the players names and all, but I was still pretty excited about getting to see and try on the ring.

(Cameras apparently have a hard time focusing on THIS piece of bling bling…)

Oh and afterwards my friend and I grabbed some coffee and briefly visited the very cool Waterfall Garden in Pioneer Square. It’s small but a nice little oasis. I brightened up the colors on this and added a blur vignette effect (?) before uploading this, so I think it kind of looks like a miniature version of what it actually is…. but that’s okay. I still like it.

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