Patrón Tequila Tasting @ Del Rey

Last week I was one of about 30 people that got to attend a complimentary Patrón tasting at Del Rey in Belltown. (I love Twitter for opportunities like this!)

The representative was very informative and I think everyone walked away with a very positive view of the company.

Two of the reasons why:
+ Most of their employees in Mexico are locals. They get paid very well AND they get health benefits.
+ They have and promote good recycling practices (instead of just “tossing things into the river out back”).

Some tips we came away with:
+ Anejo with orange liqueur, a dash of sweet ‘n sour, and a dash of coke supposedly tastes like Lipton tea.
+ A tequila shot with orange & cinnamon (instead of lime+salt) is rumored to be good.
+ The way to smell the agave is to put some tequila on your palms, rub them together until they get warm, and sniff.

Thank you to Patrón and Del Rey!


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