Walking in Gas Works Park, Dining Raw, and chilling at a “Speakeasy.”

Yesterday I started off my day with a walk to Gas Works Park. I LOVE THAT PLACE. It’s so beautiful.

Then I ended up heading over to the Pike Place Market area around lunch-time. Then back to Wallingford. Then to Belltown for a haircut. I was getting slightly amused because I was doing Yelp check-in’s the entire time (with a little bit of Foursquare ones as well) so it must have looked like I was…. having an interesting day?

As I was leaving, a friend of mine called to see if I would like to come hang out with her and a couple of her friends that were passing through Seattle. They are all mostly on a raw diet right now (and at least vegetarian normally), so they decided on Chaco Canyon in the U-District. The staff wasn’t especially friendly there, but we did enjoy the food. Next time I really want to try the raw pizza and the raw “noodle” bowl!!! This time I had the Cucumber & Sea Veggie salad. It was tasty, but mostly consisted of spinach and cucumber… and we were really hoping for more of those sea vegetables. Oh, well. It happens. Still good. I like meat and fish and don’t intend to stop eating them anytime soon, but I also enjoy frequently enjoy vegetarian or vegan dishes. This was my first time specifically going for a raw menu. Definitely enjoyed it!

Raw "Noodle" Bowl @ Chaco Canyon

Raw Pizza @ Chaco Canyon

Cucumber & Sea Veggie Salad @ Chaco Canyon

Towards the end of dinner, one of the visitors asked if we have a “gay district” in Seattle. Then he mentioned wanting to enjoy a drink in a lounge. This was their only night in Seattle, so I thought of the perfect place: Tavern Law in Capitol Hill. I’ve only been there once before, but both times we went the route where we picked up the rotary phone and got admitted upstairs into the “speakeasy” section. The people sitting right next to the door seemed to stare at me when this happened, so I wonder if that many people really DON’T know about it? In any case, that space upstairs is absolutely lovely. There is a 1920’s theme with the furniture, decorations, music. In the bathroom they have little hand towels that get tossed into a basket when they’ve been used. Looks classier, feels much nicer than a paper towel, and they get washed & reused. I like it. I like it a lot.

They do a lot of classic cocktails and don’t have a menu. My friend and I were both not interested in cocktails, so we ended up getting lots of water refills. They were great about that! Their menu has a variety of delicious sounding (and very non-vegan) small plates. I tried the Pan Seared Trout with Peas. It was rather delicious and the sauce was great. The prices are a bit steep, but definitely doable when you’re not spending $10 on a cocktail. (Sadly & thankfully they don’t allow photos upstairs at Tavern Law.)

Lovely day and a wonderful evening. I am thankful for the opportunity to experience it.


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