Mmmm… Food Addictions!

I’m sitting at home on a Friday night with no plans in sight. I guess this is a good time to think about delicious food that I love and am perhaps a little bit addicted to?

Sushi – Especially nigiri and sashimi. Tried sashimi don for the first time recently at Umi in Belltown. Like the sauce they put on the rice under the sashimi a whole lot. (The following two are snapshots I’ve recently taken.)

Seaweed salad. Mmmm green sea veggie goodness. I think there’s some vinegar in there, too.  I enjoy the regular salad and the gunkan sushi (right). (Google image search photos!)

Udon Soup – Especially those $1.99 “just add hot water” Annie Chun’s bowls from Trader Joe’s. PCC and Amazon Fresh carry them as well… but charge $3-4 each. Ouch! (Google image.)

Dolmas! I usually get these from the PCC deli section. Yum. Just started loving them recently! (More Google. Sigh.)

Small tomatoes. Grape, cherry, whatever. Organic is good. Slightly hard, perhaps almost not ripe. YUM. I do dislike them as they get softer, though. They’re pretty tasty with a little bit of balsamic, but I usually just end up snacking on them straight from the box… (The following is yet another Google image.)

This one’s not an addiction, but a “first” for me. I’ve been eating a pretty low-meat diet lately, and about 1.5 weeks ago I got a craving for a little bit of beef. I ended up getting the Painted Hills beef tartare w/ warm baguette (instead of rosemary crostini) @ Quinn’s in Capitol Hill. It was quite delicious and I plan to order it again. Perhaps at Quinn’s, perhaps elsewhere. I’ll just think twice about the spot because I wouldn’t trust just anyone when it comes to raw beef. (This photo is one of mine.)

Feeling hungry yet? I sure am.




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