Autumn 2010: British Columbia, Oregon, Washington, Seattle Eats.

Once again I’m here to prove that I still exist and still take snapshots of where I go and what I enjoy. I’ve just been busy and distracted lately. Working, learning, socializing and sleeping apparently take up a lot of time!

This Autumn was especially fantastic because I got to do a tiny bit of traveling around Oregon and Vancouver, BC.

On the way to Vancouver, BC we ran into an MG Car Club and some of their fancy rides.
(I believe this one is a very beautiful Jaguar.)

Entering Vancouver, BC. What a lovely city!

Sadly the next day brought cold and clouds hid the beautiful blue sky. (@ Stanley Park)

Fast forward a few months and I find myself at Bob’s Corn Maze back in Snohomish, WA! My shoes and the bottom of my jeans were muddy at the end, but fun was definitely had.

Then my office moved back to Queen Anne and the Space Needle became a fixture of my daily life again. (I’ve only been up there once, though.)

In November I spent a weekend driving through Oregon. It was fun! The next couple of photos were taken on the road toward Crater Lake.

Crater Lake itself! It was quite ridiculous how fast the clouds were flying across the sky up here.

I can’t stop having fun with this new iPhone app Instagram. (Happy Oregon Cows.)

And… of course… some good ol’ Food Spam…
(Please remember that this group of photos was taken over a period of several months. I don’t eat seafood every day or even every week!)

Chirashi Bowl @ Japonessa (Downtown Seattle)

Seared tuna & heirloom tomato salad @ Emmer & Rye (Queen Anne)

Albacore Tuna Crudo : Local Watermelon : Pickled Rind : Chervil @ re:public Happy Hour. YUM! (South Lake Union)

It’s not ALL about seafood! This is the September special with figs @ Tutta Bella. (Wallingford/Fremont border)

Takoyaki @ Wann Japanese Izakaya (Downtown Seattle/Belltown border)

Power Hour Cheese Plate @ Brouwer’s (Fremont)

Tuna, tomatoes, arugula @ Ventana. I believe it’s called the Six Minute Egg Salad. (Belltown)

Hopefully it won’t be so long until I update again. I’m pretty sure I think this each time I post, though…



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