I love these iPhone Apps

I’ve been a little busy and distracted by iPhone apps, so unfortunately this blog has been a little neglected. I’m sorry!

Since these apps have become such a big part of my life, it’s probably a good time to cover some of my current favorites (and why I love them).

1. Instagram… because it makes it super easy to snap quick photos and share them. I also like to use it to follow friends and businesses I love.

2. Trover… because it’s great for learning more about my surroundings, and sharing little tidbits I learn along the way. I love helping people find cool places and delicious food (as well as helping cool businesses!), and this app is one of my favorite ways to share that information.

3. Foodspotting… because I love restaurants and food, and I enjoy taking pictures of food. I also like knowing what a dish/portion is likely to look like before I order, and helping people find dishes/restaurants they want to try.

4. Foursquare… because I can share tips and my location with friends that I want to find me! I also like to share pictures using this app. When I was in San Francisco at the beginning of this month, I found a tip from a visitor that had discovered that some Apple devices needed a ‘$’ before the wifi password for it to work, which turned out to be super useful. I do like their new “Explore” page, but haven’t used it much yet. The occasional check-in deal is also awesome! One of my favorites (no longer available): Free cup of soup at PCC.

5. Yelp… because it helps me find cool places to visit around me (especially when on vacation or in a new area!) and share photos, tips, etc. I have a lot of friends on Yelp and loved using it on recent trips to Los Angeles and San Francisco. It’s like getting suggestions from friends without actually having to call my friends and hoping they pick up or return my call in time. (I like spontaneous lunch/dinner plans.) The occasional check-in deal is also awesome! Recent favorite: Free disposable camera from a tour company in San Francisco.

6. Untappd… because I like beer, and Untappd is a good way for me to keep track of what I’ve had. It also automatically tags the brewery’s Twitter account if I push my beer check-in to Twitter, AND it gives me a good reason to talk to the bartender or server. (Menus rarely have enough info for me to check in to the correct beer.)

7. Highlight… because it helps me learn about new tech companies and see who works/hangs out near me. This was a pretty awesome app to have when I was in downtown San Francisco for a few days! (Yes, their logo colors are… kind of hard to look at.)

8. Twitter… because it helps me connect with businesses and people that I find interesting, but probably don’t know well enough to connect with on Facebook. I like to keep Facebook more personal. It still makes me sad that some people think Twitter is just a place to post super random thoughts and funny quotes. (Those can be great, but… it can be much more useful than that.) I use the app more than the website because I usually like to share and respond as I’m going about my day. (I usually use the Twitter app on my phone and Echofon on the iPad.)

9. The *new* Eat24 app… because I love Thai food and sometimes am either too lazy to cook, or would much rather continue working and pay for my food to get prepared and arrive at my doorstep. (I try to keep food around the house and do get a weekly delivery from New Roots Organics, but… I love a good Thai seafood salad and occasionally crave Indian food.) I used to use the website and am glad they now have an app. Their brand/voice is fun and the customer service team is awesome!

10. Skype… because it helps me connect in a way that lets people see me (and help me see them). I’m not really a video person, but still enjoyed being able to have a video chat with my mom when I was on a beach in Malibu, CA (the trip was a college graduation present). I also enjoyed being able to hang out in a park (in Edmonds, WA) and have a video call with a friend while she sat on the patio of a farm somewhere in Italy (with her baby). Another friend loves to use Skype for iPad because they’re dealing with some pain, and one of their friends can do a better job leading stretches when they can see what they’re doing/able to do.

11. Path… because it’s great for snapping a good picture and I like the user experience. Very few friends have it and almost nobody I know actually uses it, but I still like it.

I have some other apps I like to use, but these are some of my favorites right now. What are your favorites? If you have an app that you’d like me to try (one you love or one you’re working on), please let me know! I’d love to check it out.



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2 thoughts on “I love these iPhone Apps

  1. MikeBarbre June 25, 2012 at 11:34 pm Reply

    There are a lot of great apps out there! From Untappd to Eat24 (an app I have not as of yet had the opportunity to try), the fun might never stop!

    I believe Skype video chat and other visual communication mediums are going to be used a little more often in the near future. As of now, however, I believe though the tech is there, people still aren’t using it as they should. Hence my most recent blog post, “No, WAIT! I haven’t put my face on!” http://ow.ly/bPbto

  2. innab June 26, 2012 at 4:18 pm Reply

    In my group of friends, Skype seems to be most popular if you have family/friends in another country or you’re traveling for several months. My parents created an account so they could talk to an uncle that lives in France, and I created one so my mom could “see my face” more frequently. I normally just use it on the iPad, but occasionally love to use the iPhone app to call my parents when I’m somewhere pretty. Most people seem to just use their computers, though. I wonder if FaceTime will get more popular when people can start using it on 3G (instead of wifi).

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