Healthy Surprise: November Box

I recently got curious about subscription boxes, and the first one to arrive was the Healthy Surprise box.

Why did I choose to order this box? What am I looking for? What am I thinking about?

  • I love trying new products, but I don’t really like shopping.
  • Everything in their box is gluten-free and vegan. They avoid certain other ingredients, but dairy and gluten are bigger concerns for my sweetie, so they’re bigger concerns for me.
  • I love that somebody is researching these snacks and that they’re shipping them to my doorstep. Those services are part of the value for me, so I’m not just thinking “Do I see $66 worth of snacks?”
  • People only get one box per month, so it’s not like I’m spending that much on snacks every week. Obviously, this one box is not going to be enough to get a couple people (I spend a lot of time with my boyfriend) through a whole month. If we really like a snack, we can probably find it at Whole Foods or PCC or Metropolitan Market. Maybe even QFC or Safeway. We live in a big enough city to have options. (This box could be super valuable to people in cities/areas that don’t have as many store options.) They do have a bigger option that costs $99 per month, but the availability of healthy snacks in my city means that I’m unlikely to go for the “large” option. (It was easy to skip the “small” option because of the $6.99 shipping fee.)

What did the box look like? (Top layer of snacks)

Everything emptied onto a chair at one of my favorite coffee shops.

Do I like it? So far I most definitely do! We’re sampling snacks that we have never tried before, we like or love most of them, and we have yet to find one that both of us dislike.

If you’re interested, here’s my referral link:



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