NatureBox: November

A few days after I received the Healthy Surprise box, my first NatureBox arrived on my doorstep.

Once again, the delivery feature is something that I absolutely love because it means that snacks arrive at my home without me having to shop or leave my apartment. I also love that they choose the snacks for me.

It took me a couple days to start sampling the snacks from this box because we were still working on the other box, but eventually we started trying things.

I kept changing my mind about this box. The first thing I noticed was that they had granola, which I don’t normally like and my boyfriend avoids because he’s had an allergic response to it in the past.

Then we started eating the Roasted Garlic Pumpkin Seeds, and I briefly fell in love. I’ve enjoyed pumpkin soup before, but I normally don’t like the flavor of pumpkins or pumpkin-flavored anything. These seeds were interesting and delicious, and I couldn’t stop eating them. Half-way through the bag, however, I started thinking “What’s with all the SALT?” I gave up eating them at that point, because all I could taste/feel was the salt. A few other bags also had some ingredients that my Chemical Engineer (aka: “sweetie”) wasn’t excited about.

Carrot Chips, Roasted Garlic Pumpkin Seeds, Chipotle Maple Almonds, Cinnamon Spiced Granola, and Country Ranch Peas.

+ The snacks get delivered to my doorstep!
+ The box costs $19.95 per month, which doesn’t feel like “way too much” for this kind of product/service.
+ Most of the snacks had/have interesting flavors.
+ Branding and marketing. I love their social media presence, and I love how they’ve “liked” a lot of the box pictures customers have shared on Instagram.

– Some of the ingredients don’t seem so healthy to us.
– Everything is branded and seems to be created by the company, which means I can’t buy more snacks at the grocery store.
– I like being introduced to new companies/brands, and with this box I only get introduced to NatureBox.

We did eat everything except the granola (found a taker for that bag!), but… I’m still in the process of canceling this box. When I think of NatureBox, I think of a mom or a hostess putting out a bowl of snacks for the family/friends to enjoy during a game/movie, or adding some flavor/texture to some yogurt. That’s… not my life right now. Plus, I try to avoid picking up too many snacks that my sweetie is allergic to.

Glad I tried it and I’m sure this box is perfect for some people. I’m just not one of them…

11/29 Update: The cancellation process was a little awkward. I emailed NatureBox with my request to cancel, and they said it had to be done over the phone. I called and left my name/number on their voicemail. A few days later, I got an automated email saying that my request has been processed. I’m glad it was processed, but… I kind of expected them to call me back.

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