Ipsy’s November Glam Bag

Believe it or not, I didn’t just get food/snack subscriptions.

The reasoning for this subscription is a little different, but it does include the standard things like “I don’t like shopping” and “I love deliveries.” The other side of that is that I’m 25 years old now, and I never quite got around to getting into the whole “make-up” thing. I do like trying new things and learning about new brands, however, so a subscription like this seems like the perfect way to learn about some products and see if I want to incorporate them into my life.

I’m still waiting on my first Birchbox, but my first Ipsy “Glam Bag” arrived a few days ago. (I’ll try to get a better picture next month.)


What was in the bag?

Well, you can check out the page on the Ipsy website, but here’s the list (and what I think about each item so far):

1. NAILTINI Nail Lacquer in Millionaire: Haven’t used it yet, but this looks like a lacquer I can actually apply without making a huge mess of my nails/hands, so I’m excited! When my nails are painted, they’re usually some shade of red, and… that usually looks REALLY bad if I do it myself, so I just get an occasional manicure or a $7 polish change at a local salon. This color is one that I should be able to apply on my own, so I’m pretty excited. Also, happy that I get plenty of lacquer to work with.

2. Benefit they’re real! beyond mascara: I got my first mascara when I was about 15 or 16, and loved it… until I was clumsy for a moment, and kind of (almost?) poked my eye while applying it. It wasn’t really bad, but… I was unhappy about it and don’t like stuff so close to my eyes, so… I didn’t feel comfortable using it and eventually forgot about it. I don’t like shopping and could never get myself to pick out a mascara at the store, so this is actually the first mascara I’ve had since then. I LOVE IT. I believe this is a sample size, and I think it’s perfect for getting a good sense of the product.

3. bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss: I’ve had a couple of lipgloss tubes over the years, but not enough to have a lot of experience with lipgloss. The first one I got as a teenager got ruined because a friend used it after irritating something on her lip and making it bleed (a little), so I had to toss it. This is the first lipgloss I’ve gotten that resembles that gloss, and… I love it! I was a little shocked by the bright color for a moment, but I quickly figured out a way to make it work.

4. Starlet Intense Eyeliner: I liked the look/quality of this eyeliner, but I’m one of those people that eye doctors have to restrain to get a drop in my eye, so… I tried to use it, failed, and gave it away to a friend. I planned for this subscription to be a good source of gifts, so I’m glad that it’s already working out.

5. theBalm Meet Matt(e) eyeshadow palette: Hey, look! Another kind of make-up that I don’t use… but am looking forward to trying! I’m not used to the idea of putting on eyeshadow so I have yet to find a good moment for it (ideas are welcome!), but I’m really looking forward to trying it out (and seeing if anyone notices). Also, love the container! It’s very cute.

Bonus: The bag itself. One of the cool things about the Ipsy Glam Bag is that each month you also get a new make-up bag. I spent some time stalking the #Ipsy hashtag on Instagram (and watched a few YouTube videos about it), and I can’t wait to see what the bag will look like each month. The quality was not what I expected based on those videos, but most of the videos are by teenagers, and I think they set the bar pretty high. It’s a pretty nice bag, however, and I look forward to using it to organize what I get in the future (and perhaps giving away a few as gifts).

So… what do I think of the Ipsy Glam Bag? I absolutely love it! I’m trying cool new-to-me products (big samples, too!), and it’s just $10 a month, so it’s definitely not a big financial burden. That’s… what, a lunch? A mocha and a sandwich? A cocktail? No big deal.


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