The November Birchbox! (First impressions.)


On October 25th, I got on the Birchbox waiting list.
On November 14th, I got the invitation to subscribe to their monthly box (and did so).
On November 27th, I received the “Your box has shipped!” email.
On December 3rd, I received 100 Birchbox points because my box was late. (This is probably unusual. The business is based in New York, and they were affected by Hurricane Sandy last month.)
On December 4th, I finally received my first box!!

What was in it?



What do I think? I’m super excited about the mascara (love the mirror on the back!) and Oscar Blandi spray (love hair products!). The body creme sample is super cute and useful, but not my favorite thing ever because I’m not normally a fan of smelling like bananas. Oh, and I really like the hair tie and mini nail polish! Looking forward to using them.

I haven’t really had a chance to use any of the products yet, but I have my first box and I’m very happy with it.

A nice bonus? The points that you get for spending money on the box, referring friends, and reviewing products (no personal experience with this one, yet!) can be used to purchase full-size products on the Birchbox site. The featured products are eligible for free shipping during their month, so… if you stay a subscriber for a while, it should be possible to get some full-size products delivered to your door for free.

If you’d like to subscribe, here’s my referral link: :)

Side note: Until I started getting these boxes, I hadn’t realized how little experience I have photographing products that are on display in a box or on a counter. I’m looking forward to getting better!

Note about extras: The mini cologne sample, gift guide booklet, and “give” box (not pictured) are pretty cool, but… I care more about the products featured in the larger image, so they’re the ones I decided to focus on.


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