Ipsy’s December Glam Bag

I really should do a picture post about the places I’ve recently visited in Seattle, but… I just spent some time reading about the victims of the Connecticut elementary school shooting, and I’d much rather talk about something very simple and “happy.” That something simple will be… my second Ipsy Glam Bag.


I received the bag earlier this week, but decided not to review everything immediately this time because the bag was… very different, and a little intimidating.

First thing is the bag itself. The November bag has grown on me and has been handy for storing the Birchbox/Ipsy products that I’ve started carrying in my purse, but the December bag is… beautiful. I was very impressed by it, and was surprised when I saw that people on YouTube were calling it “boring.”

The products:

1. MAI COUTURE Highlighter Papier – Strange little product that makes your face sparkle. I don’t know how often I’ll use the sheets to make my cheeks sparkle, but I think it’s a cool idea and a fun little product to use when I dress up (or just want to feel shiny).

2. Be a Bombshell Lip Gloss (Hot Mess) – I don’t really think the term “hot mess” is very positive and I probably would never want to buy this color, but… it’s kind of fun. Could be good for a themed party Yelp Seattle party or something like that. If I can’t find a good occasion, I’ll probably give it to a friend. Quality-wise, it definitely feels cheaper than the other products I’ve seen in their bags.

3. NYX Loose Pearl Eye Shadow (Pearl) – I don’t have any brushes yet, so I haven’t yet used it. Looks like a good (quality) product, though, and I’m happy with the color I got. Edited to add: This loose powder is easy to apply with my fingers! Love it!

4. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencil – Gave away the eye pencil that they sent just last month, and it’s likely to happen again. I tried playing with it and do think that it feels like a really nice pencil, but… I’m just not able to make it work for me.

5. Mirabella Prime for Face and Eyes – When I first opened the bag and found this product, I was intimidated. It looks like a really nice product and I’m sure it’s useful, but… I have a much easier time trying a new gloss than a new cream/gel. After avoiding it for a couple of days, I decided to try it… and fell in love with how smooth it is. Not sure I’ll ever use it to keep make-up on my face for extra hours, but I’ll probably use it and hope the Vitamin E really does help keep my skin moisturized and smooth.

6. Bonus item: Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Beauty Balm – This was the other intimidating product. I’ll probably never apply make-up over it, but I’m fine with ideas like “minimizing pores” and “hydrating skin.” Glad to have a chance to sample this product!

Happy? Yes. Took me a couple days to really appreciate the contents of the December bag, though.

November Bag Update:

– Used the NAILTINI lacquer once and liked how it looked, but wasn’t a big fan of how rough the sparkles felt. Still fun to use, though, so I’ll probably keep it around (and consider buying a clear glossy polish to put on over it).

– Still in love with the “they’re Real!” mascara and use it several times a week. I’m likely to be a little sad when it runs out.

– The Marvelous Moxie lip gloss lives in my purse and I find myself applying it almost every day. Will consider buying it in the future.

Well, that’s that. Hope the December Birchbox reaches me soon. Wonder if the Ipsy bags will continue to reach me earlier than Birchbox…

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