February/Spring Subscription Boxes

Hi, friends and hopefully friendly strangers! Hope you’re all enjoying March. Seattle is warming up and the days are getting longer, so I’m a pretty happy human… a happy human who may have a bit of a subscription box “problem.” I don’t really spend much time shopping, however, so… I don’t really have the boxes PLUS the stuff I buy on my own.


The February Healthy Surprise box (and my sweetie)!
Cost: $66/box

I didn’t get any great pictures of the snacks this month, but I definitely enjoyed all the chocolate!! I’m looking forward to the March box, though… the chocolate wasn’t super filling and didn’t last as long as the other kinds of snacks do. Good thing we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day every month. ;) (Still love this box.)


The February Ipsy GlamBag! Theme: Red Carpet Ready
Cost: $10/box

This bag was… okay. Still worth ten bucks to me, but… not as good as the others. The bag itself is not my style, but I hear that quite a few people really liked it. I don’t need the Lash Card, so it’ll be a gift. The POP Beauty mascara container looks like something I would have liked as a teenager, so… I’m trusting the people who say it’s a good product, and look forward to trying it out when I finish using my other mascara. The MICA Beauty gel liner looks great but I still don’t like eyeliner, so I gave it to a friend. The Coastal Scents eyeshadow quad is also likely to be given away. The one thing I really loved from this bag was the pixi face primer. Not a great bag, but… I learned about new brands, and I guess it’s a great deal for the friends who want the items I’m not interested in!


Loved this Birchbox! iPad 2 provided for scale.
Cost: $10/box
My invite link: https://www.birchbox.com?raf=k26f6

I’ve seen a lot of people complain about their Birchboxes on Instagram and while I’ve had a bad month or two, I’m generally very happy with what I’ve been getting in these $10 boxes. This month, my favorites are the Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint (it sparkles! tiny sample, though…) and the TIGI Catwalk Sessions Series Styling Cream (great sample size). I’m usually not a fan of styling products because they make my hair feel gross, and I love that I can still touch my hair when this product is on it. The twistband hairband is good… and would have probably been a favorite if I had gotten a different color. I’m not sure if the WEI eye treatments work for me, but I like that they force me to close my eyes and chill out for ten minutes, and that the sample includes two sets (so I can try it twice). The Ghirardelli chocolate was fine… nothing special to me, but a nice treat.


Graze.com – one of my weekly boxes!
Cost: $5/box

One of my friends posted a picture of her first Graze box on Instagram about a month ago, and I decided to use her invite code to check it out. They’re still in beta, so you can only sign up if you have an invite code, and each person only gets one invite code. So far, I’m… definitely a fan! Each box has 4 different snack boxes, costs $5 (shipping included), and you can get them weekly or less frequently. On their website you can see all the snack options and vote (trash, try, like, love) in a way that influences whether you receive that snack in the future (and how frequently you do). I love this feature because they immediately know what to not send me, and I am able to “trash” anything I try and dislike. I also love that they’re the perfect size for my purse, and the perfect serving when I’m looking for a small snack. The only thing I dislike is that I always get them on Friday/Saturday and end up eating all the snacks before Monday. I’d rather get them on Monday and have snacks to enjoy during the week.


My first Yuzen box! They just switched to being seasonal instead of monthly, and this is their “Spring” box.
Cost: $26/box

I recently decided to search for more subscription boxes that include “home” products and focus on organic/natural products, and that led me to… Yuzen. I received my first box today, and… I have some mixed thoughts/feelings. I love their mission and it was obvious they put a lot of love into their box (including the product selection), but… I’m not sure if this is the right box for me, because I think they’re making this box for a slightly older customer. Also, it was more focused on “beauty” and less on products for my home, and… well, Birchbox and Ipsy do a pretty good job covering my “beauty” basics. Update 3/24: I have tried most of the products, and have fallen in love with this box!


  • Red Flower candle – The packaging and the candle are cute, and I love that it comes with a branded box of matches. Lovely product and a great gift idea.
  • Spa Technologies Marine Repair Cream – This is one of those products that’ll probably be fun to try, but I have a feeling I’ll be more excited about this kind of product in 5+ years. Update: I love this product!
  • Essence of Vali perfume – I’m fine with essential oils, but… this product is not for me. I was originally a little bit sad that the sample was so small, but I guess I’m not so sad now.
  • Jane Iredale‘s lip treatments – Love that the tiny lip products came in a little see-through black bag! This brand seems to be a bit more… mature… and I guess that’s perfectly fine. I look forward to trying the Lip Drink, Lip Plumper, and Lip/Cheek Stain. Update: I love these!
  • JUARA Avocado Banana Moisture Mask – I really don’t like how avocados taste or feel, but I guess I’m fine with putting an avocado product on my face. I have a mask that I purchased a few years ago and only used a few times, but… this should be fun. It’s good to relax and give my skin a treat, right? :) Update: More product love!!
  • KNEIPP Deep Sleep Mineral Bath Salts – I do have a bathtub/shower combo so taking a bath is an option, but… it’s not something I normally do. I guess I’ll have to try it soon.
  • Naturopathica Oat Facial Polish – I don’t have any products like this but am open to the idea, so I’m looking forward to trying this and seeing how I like it. Update: This product now lives in my shower and I use it almost every day.
  • Nova Monda chocolate truffle hearts – Finally, real good chocolate! I’ve gotten a few “gourmet” chocolates in my Birchbox, and they just weren’t gourmet to me. These treats were vegan/gluten-free, and I enjoyed sharing them with my guy.

Will I stay a subscriber? I’m leaning toward “no,” but I haven’t really made up my mind yet. Update 3/24: I’m way too happy with the products in my first box to unsubscribe. Darn. ;)

I’d like to do an event post at some point. Perhaps I’ll write about my experience at Bainbridge Uncorked last year because it’s likely to happen again this year (and that’s a good thing). I really need to write about more than just subscription boxes.

That won’t happen today, though. I’d like to get some more work done. Hope you’re all having a great day!

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2 thoughts on “February/Spring Subscription Boxes

  1. Must Have Boxes March 10, 2013 at 12:17 pm Reply

    I love the twist headband that you received in your Birchbox. Great reviews!

    – KW

    • innab March 10, 2013 at 1:27 pm Reply


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