Conscious Box :: May 2013 :: Gluten-Free


My second Conscious Box arrived this week, and… I still don’t know where I stand when it comes to this box. Most of the samples are tiny and some of them don’t make sense for my household, but… I like what the company stands for and a lot of the samples are the kinds of products that I want to be trying/researching. Staying subscribed? I don’t know, so… here are my first impressions of everything that came in my box this month.

ImageSo excited about the Little Soya soy sauce samples!! I like the stickers and the packaging is super cute. I love sushi and my boyfriend (the gluten avoider) frequently eats rice, so these will definitely be used. As a sample, this is also a good size. I’m really happy that they included two.

ImageThese ECOVER dishwasher tablets sound great! I don’t have a dishwasher, however, so… guess that I’ll be giving this one to a friend. Kind of a strange “gift,” but it’s a useful product, so… that’s good. I think this sample size is big enough to figure out if you like the product or not.

ImageOne of my friends will have a very happy puppy!! I’m loving what I see on this package and I like that it’s called “The Honest Kitchen.” I laughed when I found this in my box, though… I recently went to a Yelp party at’s Seattle HQ and received some cat food from, so… my friends have received (what feels like) a lot of “pet goodies” from me this year.

ImageI learned about this company (suki) this week, and I’m really excited to try some of their products!! This sample is tiny, but… I’m kind of thankful about that. I’m getting overwhelmed by lotions and creams right now, and I’m thankful whenever I can empty a container. The only thing I don’t like is that the company name reminds me of a Russian word that’s not exactly positive…

ImageVERIAID INNERDOSHA… okay… well, it’s shampoo and conditioner! I’m not sure I understand their approach/story, but it could be good. I’m super picky about shampoo/conditioner and have previously purchased products that I just couldn’t use, so I’m excited about these small samples.

ImageBIJA Lemon Ginger Echinacea tea… I have never tried their teas, but I have soooo much tea at home. I’ll use this. Probably. Someday. I’m not super excited about it, but I guess it’s useful. Maybe I’ll just stay at home for a week next autumn and attempt to drink all of my tea or something. ;)

ImageMRM Relax-All with Phenbit… I gotta admit that I’m a little bit weirded out by this product. I’ll have to learn more about it before I can try it.

IMG_5548Cough drop lollipops… great idea, LILAPOPS! I haven’t tried these, yet. I’m not sure why they were part of a May box, but… I guess people do get sick in the spring. I’m not exactly excited about sampling these because I don’t look forward to needing these. I’m not sure when my last cough was, though… I may just have to try these when I feel like a lollipop. ;)

IMG_5549Ultima Replenisher Lemonade… okay, I’ll try this. I like that this product makes sense for spring! I like that the sample is big enough to figure out if I think it’s delicious or disgusting.

IMG_5552Sea salt infused with organic veggies and herbs… okay, Herbamare/A.Vogel. I’ll try it. I don’t really cook much, but… this could be good. I like that they also included a coupon.

IMG_5553Love this postcard!! Will it go on my fridge or will I send it to someone? Not sure yet…

IMG_5554This nutritional shake is meant for kids, but… adults can drink it too, so it didn’t last an hour. My boyfriend says it reminded him of the “milk” they consumed in the army and I think it tasted a lot like the meal replacement shakes I drank when I got my tongue pierced years ago (it’s gone now). We emptied the container, but…. it wasn’t very good. I’m not sure if most kids would tolerate it.

IMG_5555ACTZ Cosmetics Nude Face Polish… The tube that the scrub is in amused me. I believe this is a sample, so I wonder what a full-size container looks like. Ummm. Looks like a good product, I guess. I look forward to trying this.

IMG_5556I’m not sure if the problem my boyfriend has with “normal” toothpaste stems from him being a chemical engineer or if it comes from him researching the topic, but… he was excited about this Earthpaste toothpaste. I’m not crazy about cinnamon, so I look forward to trying the wintergreen!

IMG_5557I was a little confused by this product and I don’t always like fennel. I’m glad the little paper suggested rubbing this stuff on some pork, because… well, it’s nice to have an answer to the “How do I use this?!” question.

IMG_5558I like making sure I get enough fruit, veggies, vitamins, etc every day… and I like products that make it super easy to get those things on super crazy days. Looking forward to trying this product! Hope it’s delicious.

So… that’s what came in my Conscious Box this month. Do I love everything? Guess I’ll have to find out and update this post.


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