Yuzen’s Summer Box


I signed up for Yuzen around the same time they started sending seasonal boxes instead of monthly boxes, and… I’m actually quite happy to have this as a seasonal service. Their products are usually bigger than the products in the other (slightly less expensive) body/beauty boxes I’m subscribed to, and it’s nice to have some time to enjoy (and use up some of) the products between shipments.

Favorites from the spring box: SPA TECHNOLOGIES Marine Repair CremeJANE IREDALE’s lip treatments, and the NATUROPATHICA Oat Facial Polish. I like the other items, but these are the ones that I love and (still!!) use several times a week.

I was not patient enough to take a nice picture of each item, but I decided to do a few images instead of one image of everything this time. Hope at least one person finds this useful. :)


JJ’s SWEETS Sea Salt Cocomels – I’m a little weirded out by how many times “sea salt” appears on this bag, but… I’m also very happy that they use it. I’m not sure if I’ll enjoy these because I’ve never been a fan of caramel, but… I’ll try them. They’re probably very good.


ACTION WIPES – I already like this product because I like being/feeling clean and am a fan of “safe” ingredients. I’m not very sporty so I was going to give this to a friend who loves Bikram yoga and running, but my boyfriend said he’d like to take it because he’s curious about these kinds of products, and wants to know if this is better than a generic brand.


Love the little blue bag the oils were in!

PRITTE Moisturizing Body Lotion – Something about this bottle is… interesting. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but there’s something unusual about it. I’ve used this lotion on my hands a few times now, and like how it smells/feels. For some reason, this lotion (and bottle) makes me think of hotel spas.

PHYT’S Lait Hydro Nettoyant (Water Soluble Cleansing Milk) – This product looks and sounds great. The size is good… not sure if it’s full-size or a sample, but it’s definitely going to last a while! I’m a little surprised that instructions mention using a cotton pad to apply it and… well, it sounds like a more complicated process than I prefer, but it could be worth the extra effort.

ACURE Argan Oil and Marula Oil– These samples are pretty small, but they’re so cute! I love them. I’ve been very happy with other Argan Oil products I’ve tried this year, so I’m pretty excited about trying these.


Juil Footwear “gift card” – I just checked out their website, and noticed that the cheapest shoes are $85… which means that I’ll have to spend $45+ to use this card. I care about quality footwear and their sandals look nice, but… I have 10+ pairs of shoes right now, and don’t need to buy any more at this time.

SPA RITUAL Emerald City Nail Lacquer & Multi-Tasker Base & Topcoat in One – So happy to find these in the box! The bottles are cute and I love the emerald color. Oh, and the whole “No DBP, formaldehyde, or toulene. Naturally colored, free of synthetic dyes” bit sounds nice. ;)


LEVEL NATURALS Shower Bomb – I don’t know if I can be more excited about this product!! I rarely take baths, so these are so much more useful to me than bath salts, bubbles, etc! Plus, they have a very pleasant smell. I let my boyfriend smell the box the other day and he probably sniffed it about five times. Eucalyptus and menthol…  clear things up nicely! I also love this statement: “We believe you can change the world just by showering with us. So grab a bar and jump in. There is room enough for everyone.”


SUKI Luscious Lips Berry Cream Trio – I guess it’s a good idea to save what MAY be the best for last. First, I love this compact. It looks and feels “nice.” It quickly replaced the other compact I had in my purse (GLAMRX from Ipsy) because it just looks so much more… appropriate for my age. I think it’ll take me a moment to figure out how to use the lip butter and colors because they seemed a little difficult to apply with the brush, but I’m looking forward to figuring them out. I was also surprised by the “value” listed on the SUKI website – $31.95! The whole box only cost me $26…

So… that’s it for my summer box. I can’t wait to use everything and see what they put in the autumn box!!! Do I recommend Yuzen? If you’re looking for eco-friendly products for the face, hair, and body… YES. Definitely. I think the products are great and can be great gifts if you can bring yourself to part with any of the items. It’s probably easier to gift a box/subscription. ;) I probably wouldn’t spend $26+ on these products on my own, but… that’s kind of a big part of why I’m a subscriber. I *want* to be learning about these products and trying them, and know that I won’t go out and buy things to try.


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