June Conscious Box (Gluten-Free)

I’m kind of stressed at the moment, so… this seems like the perfect moment to write a blog post. Hope writing helps me relax!


So… this is my third Conscious Box and I still can’t get myself to unsubscribe. That’s a good sign, right?

Something cool this month – They actually included an information card that describes each item that was included!! I was so happy to see that card!

Skout Gluten-Free, Organic Trailbar Apple and Cinnamon – Looking forward to trying this! I like that it’s a full bar instead of a mini sample.

Skout Gluten-Free, Organic Trailbar Cherry Vanilla – Same as above. Happy that they included two different flavors!

Clean Ethics Bottle Bright Water Bottle Cleaner – This looks good! I haven’t used it yet, but am looking forward to cleaning one of my water bottles. The company and product are definitely new to me. Sample is small, but… that’s fine for this kind of product.

Organic Flavrz Superfruit Sport All Natural Liquid Drink Mix Revive – I don’t normally flavor my water, but this looks pretty good… glad they included two samples.

Organic Flavrz Citrus Hibiscus Immunity All Natural Liquid Drink Mix Boost – Same as above.

Lotus Moon Hibiscus Flower Hydrating Lotion Facial Moisturizer – New-to-me company! Small sample, but… big enough to use a few times and form an opinion. Also, like the “product type.”

Nature’s Baby Organics All Natural and Gentle Products (Bubble Bath) – I wouldn’t normally buy this because I don’t need/want baby products and I prefer showers, but… this is a good sample size and I’m guessing it’s a very gentle product that adults can also use. I’m not super excited about this, but… it’s still a nice sample and I’ll probably eventually use it.

Son For Men Organic, Vegan, Non-GMO Soothe – Another small but “big enough” sample. My boyfriend doesn’t really like use a lot of products, but… he’ll probably agree to try this.

$50 Wine Gift Card from Naked Wines – I read somewhere that you have to spend $50 to use this “gift card,” but… maybe not. I should read more about it. This could be awesome! If I do have to spend $$ to use this, I probably won’t. I already have many bottles of wine at home and live next to a huge/awesome wine store that hosts free wine tastings every day.

Rise Gluten-Free, All Natural Snack Bars – The website says this was in my box, but… I’m pretty sure it wasn’t. This is kind of annoying because this DOES sound like something I’d like and it seems like each box I’ve received has been missing one item.

Slumberland Snacks Sleep Squares – New product. Okay sample size. I’m not really looking for a product like this, but… I think I’m willing to try it once or twice.

Sneakz Organic Yummy Veggie Nutrition Milkshake – Chocolate and veggies?! That sounds a little weird, but… I’ll try it if I ever remember to take it out of my fridge when I’m hungry. It’s strange… when I lived with my parents, I’d walk into the kitchen and open/close the fridge several times a day. Now, it seems like I forget my fridge exists. It’s easy for me to forget about an item for several days if it’s “hidden” in the fridge. Update: This tastes like… BBQ ribs. Weird.

Blue Sage Naturals Seabuckthorn Soap – Small sample. New-to-me company. Bigger would be better, but… I love soap and I’m still excited about this sample.

100% Free Range Chicken Poop Lip Balm – The name is silly because it definitely doesn’t contain what it says it contains. The real ingredient list does sound/look good! I like that it’s full-size instead of a tiny sample, and I like this product. The scent is a little strong and I coughed the first couple of times that I used it, but this hasn’t happened since. Guess I got used to the intense scent! Update: Love!


Oh, also… love this card that they included! I think I’ll put it on that fridge that I rarely open.

Am I more relaxed now? Yes. Am I ready to get back to work? Not yet. Darn. Maybe this is the perfect time to go for a walk.


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