*NEW* June Knoshbox – “Summer Entertaining”

A few months ago I stumbled on to a YouTube video or a blog post about Knoshbox, and… I immediately got curious because the food/companies they discovered looked really interesting/good, and I loved that a couple of the ladies had gotten little “Thank you” notes from the owner(s). I didn’t like the box they had previewed that month, however, so I waited until the day after the first to subscribe.

The first few experiences (before I received my first box)…

1. They use PayPal for the transactions. Not a problem, but… not what I’m used to with other subscription services. It’s also “different” because you get an email each time money is “sent” to them.

2. They charge you for the first box when you subscribe, but don’t send you a box until the following month. Then they charge you for the next box at the beginning of the month, so… you’re probably going to be sending them $60 before you receive anything. I’m guessing they’ll issue a refund if you don’t like your first box and decide to cancel before the second one arrives, but… that’s still a little awkward in the beginning. (At this moment, I think I’m in a place where I’ve paid for 3 boxes and have so far only received the first one.)

3. I like/love most of their social media content, but not that the box contents are revealed weeks before the boxes get shipped. So… don’t follow them on Facebook or Instagram (or hide them from your feed on FB) if you want to be surprised. ;)

Those things aren’t the best in my mind, but… in general… I’m still thinking that this subscription company is pretty cool.


In my June box, I received:

Olomomo nuts (Cherry Vanilla Dream and Chai Bliss): The first item we tried because it was easy to enjoy on a road trip. I enjoyed the flavors (especially the Cherry Vanilla!) and they disappeared quickly. I don’t see myself buying them on my own, but… I tried them and liked them.

Dave’s Coffee Coffee Syrup: I’m both super excited and a little bit scared. Do I really need to put coffee on my ice cream? Hmm… maybe! I like that it’s a big container and I look forward to trying the product. I’ll probably take it to a summer potluck or BBQ or something.

Beer Flats Pilsner Crackers: Another big container. Woo! My boyfriend’s allergic to gluten and I don’t really love crackers, however, so… it’ll probably be taken to a friend’s house. I do like that they’re pilsner crackers, though. I’ve never had or seen a cracker like this.

Just Cook Foods Herbed Coffee Rub: More coffee! They suggest using this to season meat when grilling, and I think that sounds like a pretty awesome idea. The container is cute and big and… just looks nice. I don’t normally grill meat at home or outside, but I’m sure I can find a friend who would be happy to host a BBQ.

Deep River Snacks Mesquite BBQ Chips: The bag is pretty big and the chips were super tasty! It took me a while to get around to eating these, however, because my boyfriend’s researching yeast extract (one of the ingredients) right now, and is so far not very happy with what he’s read. I don’t see myself buying these because of the ingredients, but they did taste good…

Am I happy with this box? Tough question.

All the products look like good/quality products, I’m happy with the brands that I’ve looked up, and all the items were either large samples or full-size. It also looks like the items will be either good gifts or good potluck contributions that I won’t need to run to the store to find (at the last minute).

Am I super excited about the contents? They ARE products and brands that are new to me (which is cool) and I will probably eventually use everything, but… I’ve had these items at my home for a couple weeks now, and have only eaten/opened the nuts and chips. They’re not exactly healthy, but they’re also not really mass-produced things with horrible ingredients.

One of the things that this box DOES make me think of is the Sunday foodie shop on Fab.com. The interesting thing is that I subscribed to this box a couple weeks after I learned about it, but haven’t purchased anything from the shop even though I look at it almost every week (and have been doing that for about a year). Why? I think it’s because I can’t get myself to choose an item to order (Knoshbox chooses for me!), and… the Fab shipping prices always make me think, “I should just go try to find this product at Whole Foods, PCC, Melrose Market, etc.” I really like the “shipping included in the price” idea.

Numbers… Knoshbox is $30 per month (shipping included). On their website, they list the pilsner crackers for $7, coffee rub for $9, and coffee syrup for $8. They don’t have the Olomomo nuts on their website and the Olomomo website has prices that don’t exactly make sense, but it looks like those two bags would be about $2.50 each. The BBQ chips appear to be about $2. That equals about $31 for items alone (according to their website, for the most part). I know shipping isn’t free but have no clue what it would cost to ship this box, so… in that way it’s a pretty good deal.

I have some mixed thoughts about Knoshbox and how it fits my life, but… I’m planning to get another box or two before I make up my mind.

In July (without going into any brand specifics), it looks like they’re sending: fancy graham crackers (not all that excited), some sort of chips (not all that excited), a s’more cookie (still not good for me, but I’m kind of excited!), fancy marshmallows (very excited),ย and a couple mini jars of fancy ketchup (VERY excited).


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4 thoughts on “*NEW* June Knoshbox – “Summer Entertaining”

  1. beautifulgoodies July 7, 2013 at 4:44 pm Reply

    Looks like a really interesting box. Since you’re not super happy with this box, I highly recommend The Goodies Co. It’s only $7/ month and has lots of yummy stuff in it! Only drawback (in my opinion) is that the box is sponsored by Walmart – I’m not a fan. Otherwise, there are other boxes that send healthy (and gluten-free) stuff that are cheaper than Knosh Box. For instance, Gfreely – $25/month, Taste Guru – $24.99/month, or Tasterie – $18-25/monthly. You might want to check them out! Happy tasting! :)

    – Michelle

    • innab July 7, 2013 at 5:48 pm Reply

      Thanks for the comment!

      I also get the Healthy Surprise box, and I think they do a pretty good job handling the “gluten-free (+corn-free, soy-free, vegan) snacks” category for me. I also get packaged food from Graze, Love With Food, and Conscious Box… and a small bin of organic local produce every week, which is actually the healthiest food “box” of them all, so I should probably just get a bigger bin and stop some of the packaged food delivery, but… I like learning about new companies too much to do that. ;)

      Goodies Co… I’ve heard it’s a great value, but I just can’t get myself to buy a Walmart product.

      • beautifulgoodies July 7, 2013 at 6:26 pm

        You get Graze?! I’m so jealous! Is it amazing? Do you get the “healthy” version or the regular version?
        If you happen to have a valid invitation code, would you be willing to share it with me? I would LOVE to subscribe to Graze.

      • innab July 8, 2013 at 12:01 pm

        I really like Graze, but I don’t know that I’d call them “amazing.” I do love that you can tell them which snacks you never want to receive (“trash”), which ones you want to receive sometimes (“like”), and which ones you want to receive frequently (“love”). They also make it super easy to select all snacks with gluten and all snacks with dairy (separately), so you can “trash” them all (if you want). I also love that they’re easy to throw into a purse, and I think they’re usually tastier than a meal bar. I have a list of friends who are hoping to get my next invite, so sadly I don’t have one to share… people sometimes post their codes on Instagram, though, so you might be able to get lucky if you search on there every once in a while! I think I also recently saw someone ask @grazeusa or @grazedotcom on Twitter and one of the followers sent them their code. People in the UK seem to have some cool options that aren’t live in the states, though… I’m really curious about their breakfast boxes!

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