July Knoshbox – Campfire Favorites


Received my second Knoshbox earlier this week, and… I have mixed feelings. I really like Knoshbox the company and the companies/vendors that they work with, but I’m having a really hard time getting excited about some of these products. Each box I’ve gotten has included some sort of crackers and some sort of chips. It’s perhaps a little weird to not want those things, but… I don’t.

I’m not excited about the August box at all and don’t like that it’s already pre-paid, so I sent them an email asking if I can cancel and get a re-fund or skip the August box. Hope they have a way to resolve this.

Anyway… products from the July box. Theme was “Campfire Favorites.”

1. 240 Sweet Elephant Ear Marshmallows (from Columbus, Indiana). Healthy? I doubt it. Super sweet? Yes. Delicious? YES! This was one of the two products that I was super excited about, even though I know it’s not “healthy” or anything like that. I like treats, okay? I don’t know if I’ll purchase them in the near future because I know of a couple good “mallow” vendors in Seattle (and probably shouldn’t be eating mallows all the time), but I’m happy to recommend this product/company. (Liked their Facebook page.) Value: About $6.25.

2. Sir Kensington’s Ketchup (from New York). I love that they included two mini (1.5oz) jars (one’s spiced and one’s classic) and that the jars are so cute. I’ve always loved ketchup so I knew this would probably be good, and… looks like I was right. The ingredient list looks pretty good and simple, and I like that they appear to “take it easy” when it comes to salt and sugar. I’m very happy with this sample/product (and likely to buy this ketchup in the future). (Liked their Facebook page.) Value of full-size 2lb jars: About $7. I think just going by the numbers the value of the samples would be between $0.63 and $0.75, but… the jars are super cute and can be re-used, so I kind of want to say something like… $1.50.

3. Martin Sidor Farms Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips (from Long Island, NY). This is the first item that I’m not super excited about just because I’m not crazy about chips right now. I like that they use Long Island potatoes and enjoyed reading the “about” page on their website. I’ll probably be glad to have them when I’m looking for some items to bring to someone’s house or something, but… I’m happier to learn about this company than I am to have the chips at my home. Value: About $1.25.

4. Whitney’s Castleton Graham Crackers (from Vermont). First impression… I’m a little sad that the crackers I see through the window in the box are broken. I like the box and that it says “All Natural | Hand Made” on the front. I like that they use Vermont Maple Syrup and Kosher Salt. I’m not surprised but a little sad that my boyfriend is allergic to them. I like that these crackers are mostly only sold in wine shops and at wineries (in Washington state). I’m not crazy about graham crackers, but… they’ll probably come in handy one of these days. This is another case of “I’m way more interested in the company than the product.” Value: About $5.

5. S’more Bakery‘s All-In-One S’More Cookie (from NYC). Is it weird that I’m not excited about a s’more cookie? I feel strange saying that. I thought I would be excited about such a product. I like that the two cookies are large. I don’t like that they’re hard. Does anybody else prefer soft cookies? I just opened the package and they’re pretty tasty, but… I don’t like it enough to be a “fan” of the cookie. I love the S’more Bakery website and story, and would love to visit their Brooklyn location and/or try their marshmallows or ganache sauce. (Liked their Facebook page.) Value: $6.

Total estimated value of products: $20. Definitely less than the $30 cost of the box, but I’m not sure how much shipping costs for a box likes this… plus, there’s somebody getting paid to research, create relationships with vendors, and pack these boxes. Oh, and the items probably have to be shipped to a warehouse of some sort. The warehouse must cost… something. I don’t know all those details and wouldn’t want to pay a BUNCH for those things, but I like to remember that those things are real because I’ve noticed some bloggers get kind of unhappy when the value of their subscription box is about equal to the cost of the box (or a little less).


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2 thoughts on “July Knoshbox – Campfire Favorites

  1. beautifulgoodies July 29, 2013 at 7:52 am Reply

    The ketchup is a weird addition, isn’t it?! LOL! I’ve steered away from Knoshbox myself. I also think it’s a little pricey for what it is. I wonder if another food box would be a better fit for you since you don’t want chips and stuff. Have you consider The Jungle Stand Tasting Bar or Yumvelope? Off the top of my head, those are two suggestions that may not send as much of that stuff. Have a great day!
    – Michelle

    • innab July 29, 2013 at 2:49 pm Reply

      It’s sort of weird, but… I first tried them with some veggie dogs I had on hand, and… that fits in with the “camp” idea. :)

      I haven’t tried those two, but just signed up for the gourmet Taste Trunk. Really excited because it looks like they’ll be sending stuff that you’re supposed to prepare. Looks like they just sent a bunch of boxes to bloggers, so there are plenty of reviews popping up (that include discount codes). The one “surprise” there is that they have a 4.99 or 5.99 shipping fee that you don’t see until the last step of the order. The bloggers don’t know that, so they’ve been “reporting” that it’s just $29.

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