July Conscious Box (Gluten-Free)

(Picture coming soon.)

It’s already August and new boxes will start arriving in a week or two, so… here goes!

1. Equal Exchange Fair Trade and Organic Chocolate – I do like what they stand for and I like that they’re vegan, soy-free, and gluten-free. Sample size was a little disappointing because I got a couple teeny tiny bars. Pretty sure they were smaller than those little Hershey’s minis that appear in variety packs around Halloween and at some offices. Didn’t like them very much, though, so I guess it’s okay that they were small. ;)

2. Epic Dental Fresh Fruit Xylitol Mints – I received a couple tiny packets, and… that’s probably enough to figure out if I like them or not. Guess I’m pretty happy with this mini sample.

3. Good Nature Tea (Organic St. John’s Wort) – I’m happy that it’s only one tea bag and that it’s an interesting flavor. Still thinking about getting crazy about tea at some point this Autumn. I’m not sure how I can like tea and drink it as infrequently as I do…

4. Elanveda Skin Renue – It’s a small sample of oil (and other things) that’s supposed to help with sore muscles and joints. I just started taking Pilates classes so I guess this will probably come in handy, but… it’s not the kind of product I’d normally purchase.

(Repeat!) 5. Skout Gluten-Free & Organic Trailbar – I’m pretty sure this is a full-size item and it was fine, but… I’m kind of sad I got this two months in a row.

6. Similasan 100% Natural Computer Eye Relief Drops – Super useful… for people who aren’t terrified of eye drops. ;) Gave this sample to my boyfriend. Looks like a good sample size.

7. Red Apple Lipstick Mineral Lipstick – Definitely looks like a small “free” sample… but the color is pretty and I’ve never tried any of their products before, so I’m looking forward to changing that.

(Repeat!) 8. Organic Flavrz Fruit Punch All Natural Liquid Drink Mix Energize – I like plain water and don’t normally like to add anything to it, so I will probably never buy these. They are convenient and taste fine, but I hope I don’t get them in any August boxes because I’ve gotten these packets from Love With Food and twice now from Conscious Box.

9. Sunwarrior Warrior Blend (Raw, Vegan, and Gluten-Free Protein) – My boyfriend buys the big tubs of their chocolate protein, so he was happy to see this sample. I’m not sure how big the sample pouch was, but it was a size I was happy about.

10. Eco-Gecko Wooden Cutlery – I was confused by this sample (a tiny wooden spoon) and saw similar responses on YouTube, so I’m really glad Conscious Box now includes an information sheet in the boxes. I do like the digital version of the list, but I don’t really want to check the website when I’m opening the physical box. Not sure what I’ll use this tiny spoon for… salt, maybe… but I’m happy that I now know about this brand and their products.

11. MRM Hydration Factor – Not a product I can imagine myself buying, but… I look forward to trying it and seeing if I feel different. Maybe I’ll try it on a Pilates day!

12. Selina Naturally Celtic Sea Salt – Awesome full-size product!!! I like sea salt and I love that it’s a big 8oz container.

13. Igozen Simply Clean Washes and Everyday Cleaner – I do like trying new cleaning products and getting new cleaning products in my boxes, so I guess this sample is a “win.” The only thing I don’t like is that the samples of three products are tiny… pretty sure they’re the free samples you can get at info booths or whatever.

14. Bamboee Reusable Bamboo Towel – Another win!!! I like that they included a whole towel instead of a tiny piece or something like that, and that it’s definitely going to be useful. I like useful samples.

15. Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap Nuts – I am very happy with this sample (about 5-6 nuts and a bag to put them in) and am kind of sad that they have vanished from the shared laundry room in my apartment building (after just one use). I hope one of my neighbors realizes they grabbed them and returns them!

16. Last Round All Natural Hangover Support (2.4oz) – The size of the sample is good and I’m sure it’s a useful product for some people. It’s probably going to be a sample I give to a friend when they head out for a crazy night (or when I leave another bar crawl by 9pm). I don’t really like that the bottle is advertising The Hangover 2 because that movie came out in 2011.

(Repeat!) 17. Ultima Replenisher Everyday Health Drink – I liked the last one I got, but… still enjoy water more, and am sad I got this twice. Hope I don’t get a bunch of repeats again this month!

18. Zarbee’s Effective & Natural Cough Syrup (2tsps) – I guess this can be good to have around, but I’m not sure if I’ll need it. I’ve noticed that I don’t get sick like I used to.

So… that was my July Conscious Box! I was a little disappointed about the three repeats and didn’t get excited about some of the products, but LOVED a few of the bigger samples. Hope they send some great stuff this month!


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