August Conscious Box (Gluten-Free)

I think I was pretty tired when I received this box, so I didn’t feel patient enough to take a picture before I opened the box. I’ll try to remember to comment on the sample sizes because I don’t have the visuals…

1. Herbal Zap Immune Support All Natural Ayurvedic Herbal Supplement – Little tiny sample. I’m kind of happy that it’s small because I don’t really love trying new herbal supplements.

2. Runa Tea (mint guayusa tea – focused energy) – I have a big tea collection because I don’t drink tea often, especially at home… but I’ll change that one of these days. I’m actually really looking forward to trying this tea because I like other most other mint teas I’ve tried.

3. Suki Body Butter Cream Salve – Repeat sample! I do like the brand because of the lemon cleanser that Birchbox sent me a few months ago and I am looking forward to trying this product, but… I already have one identical foil packet that I haven’t used yet. I’m pretty sure it came in my Conscious Box, but it could have arrived in some other box.

4. Happy Tot Super Toddler Bars – They’re “meant” for kids so I’m not likely to purchase this product in the near future, but… my boyfriend and I enjoyed the bars. As expected, I liked the mixed berry crunch more than the honey grain sunbutter.

5. Crila for Menopause – Ughhhh. Strangest full-size sample ever? I feel bad throwing this away and I am still trying to figure out who to give it to. It’s not the kind of product I feel comfortable offering to just anyone. It also expires in about a month, so… I should probably hurry. Some people suggested donating it to a homeless shelter or a non-profit, and that might be a good idea, but I feel like they don’t accept pills from just anyone who decides to drop some off. In any case… this is kind of worse than baby and pet products. It’s pretty easy for me to offer baby and pet products to friends. This… this is not easy to give away. (“Hey, want some menopause pills?”) I hope the nice folks at CB don’t send me anything like this again…

6. MRM Veggie Protein – I’m guessing this sample is good for one beverage. I might try this or I might give this sample to my boyfriend. I like that it’s gluten-free and vegan. It’s not something I would normally purchase, but he purchases big tubs of protein powder every once in a while.

7. Barney Butter Almond Butter – What an awesome/tasty snack! I was thinking about eating this almond butter with some bananas or apple slices or something… and then just ended up eating it on its own. I’m not planning to develop a new almond butter “habit,” but I enjoyed this sample and am happy CB decided to included it in the box. (Size: foil packet)

8. Doctor’s Best Suntheanine L-Theanine – I like that this product is supposed to help with relaxation and reducing stress, but… these kinds of supplements weird me out. I like the comment on the 2 little rosebuds blog… “Oooh! I LOVE suntheanine! …said no one ever. I kinda hate when they include supplement-y things like this in boxes. At least this one has 10 caplets, so I’ll actually have a chance to see if it works. The bottle claims that it reduces stress and tension. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try… If I’m dead in a week, blame the suntheoiwjfoiejw.”

9. Goodlight Natural Candles – So happy with this sample! The branded box is cute and contains six tea light candles. I don’t think I’ve ever tried burning palm wax candles, so I’m also looking forward to staring at the candles and seeing if anything looks… different.

10. Fontus Green Apple Throat Lozenges – I love the little sample bag and that it contains about 7 or so lozenges. Kind of looking forward to trying these because “green apple” sounds like a nice flavor… but I’m not REALLY looking forward to having a dry or sore throat. It may happen at some point in the next six months, though. Summer is almost over in Seattle and it’ll be kind of cold for a while.

11. Eco-Dent Oral Care Rinse, Powder Toothpaste, and Oral Care Gum – The samples are tiny and I was more excited about the Earthpaste that CB sent me several months ago, but… I’ll try these. The gum was pretty good and I like that they appear to use good ingredients. It was so strange to see a gum made with baking soda. ;)

12. MRM Relax-All or Digest-All – Another repeat sample! This is another one of those products that kind of weirds me out. I tried it several days ago and I’m still alive, but… not sure if it did anything. Don’t remember feeling different or more relaxed or anything.

Bonus: Postcard! I believe this was the month of the… sunset and dandelion. All the CB postcards are on my fridge right now and I’m not in my kitchen, so I had to find some photos other people took of their boxes. ;)

Do I love the box this month? Not exactly.

Favorite item this month? Probably the candles. Least favorite? Menopause tablets!!!

What I love: Many of the types of products that CB introduces me to and many of the big samples/full-size items.

What I don’t love: Strange supplements and tiny “free” samples… for $19.95 per month.

August ends in a week and I should probably contact CB by the 29th to be “safe” (if I decide to cancel), so… looks like I will have to make a decision soon.

<b>Update</b>: I decided to “pause” my CB subscription for a while.

Thanks for reading! :)

Coming up next… Yuzen or Taste Trunk (Gourmet).


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