August Ipsy Bag!

My Ipsy bag arrived later than usual last month (the 17th) and I was kind of sad that it arrived while I was at a wedding (instead of before). I really wanted to get and wear the Urban Decay lipstick. Unfortunately the bag didn’t arrive early enough… and I got the lip balm instead. Bummer.

I was exhausted when I got home, so I ended up only taking a picture of the bag…


The contents:

1. noya Lip Balm: I’m having a hard time being thrilled about this product. I like the cute package and that it’s a product that I’ll use. I’m thankful that I received the vanilla instead of the cherry. I’m not happy that I received this item instead of the mini Urban Decay lipstick. I really don’t like that Ipsy sent a mini sample of a new red lipstick to some people and a plain lip balm to others. I wonder… What do I need to change in my profile/survey to get the way more awesome product next time? I also don’t like that I would have been much happier about the balm if it wasn’t “simple balm vs red lipstick.” I saw quite a few “People will be MAD if they get the balm instead of the lipstick!” comments online, so it kind of makes me wonder if Ipsy doesn’t like that brand very much…

2. Pacifica Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream: I’m still not crazy about creams, but… I’m glad I received this sample. I’ve liked other Pacifica products that I’ve received from Ipsy, and I like that the sample is pretty big. I don’t like samples that are too small for me to figure out if I like the product or not and I don’t like huge samples of most items because I really do enjoy that moment when I realize that I finally emptied the container.

3. Nailtini Straight Up Color Nail Lacquer In Mai Tai – I normally go for dark red when I get my nails done, but this is a color that I would consider wearing. The thing is… I don’t normally paint my own nails, and I can just pick a similar color at a nail salon. I would consider bringing my own polishes more frequently if they gave me a discount for using my products, but they don’t. One good thing about getting polish in my subscription bags/boxes is that I have plenty of friends who are happy to take them off my hands. :)

4. Pixi Beauty Lash Booster Mascara in Blackest Black – I love mascara and I liked the other pixi product that Ipsy sent a while ago. I’ve heard some bad things about this sample on YouTube, but I’m still looking forward to trying it. Hope it’s a good one and I hope somebody sends another mascara soon because this sample is tiny!

5. Michael Todd Jojoba Charcoal Gentle Exfoliating Facial Scrub – Favorite product in this bag!! I’m so happy I received it and so happy I got the Jojoba Charcoal! I like decorating pumpkins and I guess I sort of like the smell of pumpkins because I like that season, but… I don’t get excited about pumpkin pie or ice cream or spice lattes, so I don’t really want to put goo that smells like a pumpkin on my face. I also like the size of the sample because it’ll probably last me several weeks and I like the product itself. I feel a little silly putting charcoal-colored product on my face, but it doesn’t stain or anything and I like how my face feels after. Thanks, Ipsy!

The bag: I kind of wish it didn’t say “Ipsy Glamour Academy” on it, but it’s feels like a quality bag and I do like the rest of the design. I also love that it’s purple and gold because I graduated from the University of Washington (and those are the school colors)!

Still happy? Yes… yes, I am. I received one good gift item and liked/loved the other products. I just hope that I get some red lipstick from them soon. ;)

If you’d like to subscribe, I hope you consider using my referral link!

September sneak peeks

Pretty excited about the blue bag. Sort of excited about the eye shadow… depends on the color I get. SUPER excited about the mascara. Not sure what “makeup sets” will mean… I hope I get some lip products!

Have a good weekend! Yuzen or Taste Trunk post coming soon. :)


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One thought on “August Ipsy Bag!

  1. montgomerytiffany September 9, 2013 at 8:02 pm Reply

    You’re totally right about the pumpkin was just strange!!!

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