Yuzen’s Fall 2013 Box

I love Yuzen! I received this box back in August, so I’ve gotten a chance to try most of the products.

The important info: “We will send you a little Zen for every season – a different box of Yuzen surprises for summer, fall, winter, and spring… Four boxes in all (sent May, August, November, and February). Whether you need a little “me time,” or a gift for that special someone, Yuzen shares the love.”

Price: $33 per box. Looks like they’ve had a waiting list for a while, though. I’m not sure how long that list is, but I’ve seen them state that they’d like to stay a small company. Maybe the recent price increase encouraged some people to “give up” their subscription…

1. ACURE Argan Cell Stimulating Body Wash: I don’t usually buy soap or body wash because my mom randomly gave me a bunch of soap bars a while ago that I need to use before I go out and buy more, but I love getting body washes in boxes (and as gifts) because they’re usually much more interesting! Not sure what I think about the smell… not really in LOVE with it… but I like this product, and am glad it was included in the box. I also like that it’s “travel size.”

2. AJARA AYURVEDIC Tea Bath Sachet: I usually just take showers so I haven’t had a chance to use this yet, but… I’m happy that I have it. It’s definitely a product I would never have purchased on my own. (Yay, subscription boxes!)

3. COOLA Mineral Facial Sunscreen: I don’t really use sunscreen much (I live in Seattle!), but… I’ve liked the COOLA products that I’ve tried because of Birchbox and/or Ipsy, so I guess I’m glad to have more of their sunscreen.

4. JUICE BEAUTY Green Apple Peel Sensitive: I like this company. I like that it’s a product for my face. I like that it’s “green apple.” I’ve never tried using a peel and for some reason I feel much better about the idea of getting a peel at a spa, but… I’ll probably try it at some point. I hope I love this product because Birchbox sent me the same sample!

5. SANITAS Vita-Rich Serum: I haven’t found a way to introduce this product into my life yet, but I like that it’s supposed to moisturize and deliver nutrients to my skin. I like that it’s a pretty small container because I like being able to use up products quickly. ;) Looks like it’s also pretty expensive!

6. SPHATIKA Rose Facial Foaming Gel: I like this product because I haven’t used any rose products before and because it’s easy to use. I don’t use it as often as I use scrubs because facial scrubs tend to live in my shower and this bottle lives next to my bathroom sink, but I’ve used it a few times and liked the “experience.”

7. TORIE & HOWARD Blood Orange and Honey Hard Candy: I like the container! Didn’t really like this candy, so I’m planning to donate it to my new office kitchen. ;)

8. VERVE ORGANICS Soul Sister Lavender Nut Sugar Scrub: This is the item that I was most excited to find in my box because I was the one who recommended Verve to Yuzen. I’ve been following Verve on FB/Twitter/Instagram for several months but couldn’t pick an item to order, so I was really happy when I saw that she started making mini jars (that would be perfect for a subscription box). I love the brand and the ingredients!

I love that the Yuzen team frequently sends bath/shower products and I like the kinds of companies they choose to feature. I’m also happy that it’s a seasonal (instead of monthly) subscription because it takes me several months to finish most of the products they send. I hope they have something like a nice candle or something else for the home in the next one, though… I like getting that kind of stuff.


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