September Gourmet Taste Trunk

Taste Trunk offers BBQ, Sweet, Healthy, and Gourmet trunks. You can change every month or subscribe to each one if you want, but I choose to only get the Gourmet Trunk. One of the great things about this subscription box is that it includes a card with information and a recipe idea for each item!

Cost: $29 + $5.99 shipping per month (per trunk).

In September, I received…

IMG_66521 & 2. Amphora Nueva Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Premium Balsamic Vinegar – I like the website, the bottles, and the items. I haven’t tried these yet because I have to empty some other olive oil and balsamic vinegar bottles first, but I was happy to see these in my box because I like good oils and vinegars. I like that the bottles are also pretty enough to be nice gifts. Probably perfect for a housewarming!

3. 1849 Pasta Sauce (Artichoke with Merlot) – I was happy to see this pasta sauce because it’s a big jar and because artichoke and merlot sounds like an interesting combination, but… I’m not sure if I like it or not. I tried it several days ago, and didn’t have a great experience. I then tried a different jar of pasta sauce and it also seemed weird, so… maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for pasta sauce that night. I’ll try it again soon!

4. Terrapin Ridge Farms Sweet Beet & Horseradish Mustard (10.7oz) – This is probably the most exciting product in this box because it’s so… different. I’ve had plenty of horseradish before because it’s pretty common in Russian households, but I’ve never had anything like this. I don’t know what I’ll do with it yet, so I’m thinking I should start by just tasting it with a spoon. ;) Oh, and I also like their website! (Liked this brand on Facebook.)

5. The Pasta Shoppe’s Vineyard Pasta – I really like that they have pastas that come in a bunch of different shapes. I guess I like their website. I don’t really buy a lot of pasta and tend to only get gluten-free pasta because that’s the only kind I can share with my boyfriend, but… I tried it. The first bowl I made was good. The next bowl was not. I also couldn’t get myself to enjoy pasta sauce that night, so… I’m guessing I need to try again another night.

My September trunk wasn’t super exciting, but it was still a really good box… I’m happy with it!

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