September Knoshbox

The kind folks at Knoshbox let me skip August because I wasn’t interested in any of the products and emailed them about it. I did get the September box, however… and I’m so happy I did!

Knoshbox is… a monthly subscription for artisan food. They have a theme every month, and this month the theme was… Perfect Pairings. They also include one beautiful card in each box that talks about each product and mentions which city/state the product is from. This month, I was happy to see that two of the companies (Simple & Crisp and BumbleBar) are based in Washington State!

Cost: $30 per month (via Paypal)


Deep River Snacks (Rosemary & Olive Oil) – I’m kind of tired of getting chips from Knoshbox because I don’t really love chips and try to not eat them too frequently, but… this flavor looked interesting and I did enjoy these chips, so I’m actually happy I received these chips. I just hope they don’t send chips again in October! ;)

Simple & Crisp (Orange) – I’ve seen these at Whole Foods and have been following them on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram for a while, but haven’t gotten around to picking up a package… so I was happy to see them in my box! I haven’t tried them yet because I want to pick up some cheese first, but… I’m definitely looking forward to trying these crisps. I also love their website and packaging!

BumbleBar (two original peanut and one chocolate cherry) – They’re based in Spokane Valley (which is near Seattle), appear to available at plenty of Seattle stores, and are gluten-free… but I’ve somehow never tried them. So glad Knoshbox changed that! I was happy that they sent three bars and that I was able to share this item with my boyfriend (who avoids gluten).

Olive and Sinclair Chocolate – This was one of the few “sneak peak” items last month, and it got me soooo excited about the September Knoshbox. I love the packaging, the brand, and the chocolate!

Potter’s Crackers Cranberry Hazelnut Crisps – At first I was upset that they sent crackers again. Then, I was happy because I love the packaging. Then, I was happy because I enjoyed the crisps more than I thought I would. Then, I kind of stopped enjoying them. I don’t think I would buy these again for myself, but I’m happy I got the opportunity to try them and might recommend them to others (who do like crackers/crisps). Bonus – I like their website!

Can’t wait to see what they decide to send in the October box!


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