My first Popsugar Must Have Box (October 2013)


I get several food boxes and several beauty/bath product boxes and I love them, but… I’ve been thinking that I want a lifestyle box that will include some big products (scarves, bags, etc) and some great items for my home. I don’t know how I managed to ignore the Popsugar Must Have Box for so many months, but… I managed. Then several b/vloggers I follow received their August box and I found myself thinking, “I want that Gorjana Open Circle Necklace, Lulah Body Wash, and Lunares Apple Bowl!” I signed up right away but was waitlisted. I was bummed that I missed out on the September box because I really want the Barr Co Diffuser and the Rifle Paper Co. Botanical Coaster Set. I’m now pretty sure it would take something special for me to unsubscribe because I’m convinced they’ll send something amazing (that costs at least $35 on its own) the following month. ;)

A few days ago, my October box arrived. I did end up looking at some spoiler images and was kind of disappointed with what I saw, so I decided to try and focus on the positive things. One of those positive things is that each box appears to be valued at $100-200. I normally wouldn’t buy most of the expensive items because I just tend to not spend money on those things, but I’m willing to spend about $35 to get them AND several other items.

Cost of box: I paid $30 because I used a code (looks like SQUAD5 is the code this month!) and the normal box is about $35 per month. They’re about to increase it to $39.95 a month, though, so I’m thinking about paying for a few months now so I can get the boxes for a little less. Looks like the code SQUAD10 will save you $10 if you get a 3-month subscription!


Must Have FoodThe Can’t Cook Book by Jessica Seinfeld ($17-27 depending on where you get it) – I’m excited about this item because I’m sort of trying to start cooking a little more and like simple recipe ideas. I also love the photos in this book! I normally just find recipes online or check my weekly email from Menus by Mesa De Vida, but I do like the idea of owning a physical book.

Must Have FoodThe Crispery Halloween CrispyCake ($3.95) – I am super excited about this treat! I haven’t tried it yet because I plan to take it to Impact HUB (aka “my office”) and cut it up into little pieces so others can also enjoy it and I don’t end up eating the whole thing. ;)

Must Have BeautyNYX Cosmetics Liquid Liner ($6) and Smokey Shadow Palette ($7) – I tend to stay away from most eye make-up, so I find myself wishing they sent some NYX lip products or something. I’m happy that my friends enjoy the liners and shadows that I’ve given them because I’ve gotten them in boxes, but I’d much rather get something I would actually use. The positive side – Good gift!

Must Have BeautyJulep Nail Polish ($14) and Freedom Top Coat ($18) – I like Julep because one of my old co-workers is now a copywriter at Julep and because their bottles are pretty. I don’t know if I’ll end up using these or giving them to a friend because I still haven’t convinced myself to start painting my own nails, but I’m really happy these were included because I do like the products. Can’t believe this set normally costs about $32!!

Must Have BeautyThe Wet Brush Hair Detangling Brush ($14) – I never knew that I needed a special brush to brush wet hair. I’ve been brushing wet hair without a special brush for years. Oops? In any case… I was really happy to see this brush in my box because I haven’t purchased a new brush in I’m not sure how many years. I’ve used it several times now and love it because it’s soft and just… feels good on my hair and scalp. Definitely a “win” and possibly my favorite item in this box.

Must Have FashionJane Tran Thin Metallic Bobby Pins ($12) – I love these because they look like they won’t easily break and because they’re dark. I’m much likelier to use the pins than the light green ones I got from Birchbox several months ago because they won’t stand out so much when I wear/use them. (I have dark hair.)

Must Have FashionGorjana Charity Bali Bead Bracelet in Pink ($45) – I kind of like this bracelet and like that 100% of the proceeds benefit an organization called Breast Cancer Connections. I don’t REALLY believe the $45 “value,” though. Unless there’s something super special about the materials, this is… maybe a $2-5 bracelet. Maybe the bracelet should be called a “thank you” for the donation or something.

Special ExtraStitch Fix Gift Card ($20) – I’m glad this is considered an “extra” because I’m definitely planning to try to give this away. Looks like some other subscribers have said that they’ve been wanting to check out Stitch Fix and this is just a nudge to finally do it, so I guess I’m glad they included it in the box.

I am pretty happy with this box… but hope they include at least one awesome “Must Have Home” item next month. I’d love something special for my apartment that would normally cost $30 or more! ;) I’d also love to receive a fitness item as long as it’s not a DVD because I can’t play a DVD on my MacBook Air.

If you’d like to subscribe to the Popsugar Must Have Box, please consider using my referral link. November boxes are still available, but will probably sell out quickly! Oh, and don’t forget to use one of the discount codes I mentioned near the top. :)

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