October 2013 Ipsy Bag – “The Art of Beauty”



My bag took SUCH a long time to arrive this month. I actually emailed Ipsy and DHL because I noticed that it spent one week at the local DHL warehouse. I was pretty amused when the package was “all of a sudden” handed over to USPS and delivered (the next day). I haven’t received an email response from either company, but would be surprised if the emails had nothing to do with the delivery.


I’m okay with the theme this month and not really a fan of the bag (because it’s not my style). I think I need to find a make-up artist or someone else who would love it. Definitely happy with the contents, though!

1. Zoya Nail Polish (in Giovanna) – I know I’ve said I don’t like painting my own nails… but I think I’m slowly starting to get the hang of it. This is my second Zoya polish and I really like the color. I might end up putting it on my nails when my purple polish starts to chip. (Favorite item??)

2. Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics Mineral Shimmer (in Navy) (2.0 g) – I like the little container and that the color looks very purple. Go Huskies! Not sure if I’ll keep this or not. The website has a lot of “how to use this” ideas, so… maybe I’ll explore a few of them. Maybe.

3. Coastal Scents Medium Shadow Brush – This is my second brush from Ipsy and I’m happy to have it because… this is the second brush in my dresser! Hope to get some use out of it.

4. Ole Henriksen truth crème™ advanced hydration – Super cute sample! Not sure I like the smell, but I like that it’s a facial moisturizer. The sample is .25 fl oz and the 1.7 oz full-size product is $45. I’m… very happy I got this in my bag! (Favorite item??)

5. Sexy Hair Spray Clay Texturizing Spray Clay (1.4 oz) – I like this brand but don’t really love this kind of product, so I’ll probably give this one away. Great sample size, though!

If you decide to sign up for Ipsy (it’s $10/month), I hope you consider using my referral link.

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