Gourmet Taste Trunk (October)


Why do I like Taste Trunk? They are doing a good job stocking my fridge and shelves with interesting flavors and items that I probably wouldn’t have picked up on my own.

Cost: $29.99 + $5.99 shipping ($35.98) | Value of October box: ~$31 (just the items) – Not bad!


Shortstacks Bourbon Salted Pecan Pancake & Waffle Mix ($6.40-7.99) – I’m sure this is a great product for a lot of people, but.. unfortunately.. it’s not a great one for me. I don’t normally eat pancakes/waffles for breakfast and can’t make these for my boyfriend because he’s allergic to some of the ingredients. I’m sure one of my friends will be happy to receive this item, though!

Wooden Table Baking Co. Alfajores (Traditional) (estimate: $5.50) – I’m not sure if the name is Wooden Table Baking Co or Buenos Aires Alfajores and I’m not totally sure what the value is because the website doesn’t feature a bag of three… but they’re amazing and very rich. I like that they lasted me a couple days because I couldn’t eat more than half a cookie every several hours. The bad thing is that I didn’t share them with anyone… probably should have! ;)

Bountiful Pantry Pumpkin Chowder ($8.50) – I’m excited about this chowder because pumpkin soup is the only pumpkin-flavored item that I’ve enjoyed in recent years. I’m also happy that the mix is gluten-free because I like being able to share food with my boyfriend.

Old Fashioned Whiskey Pepper Steak Sauce ($5.50) – I love steak and don’t have any steak sauce at home, so this is a product that I was pretty happy to see. The “Whiskey Pepper” flavor also sounds interesting! I don’t normally make steak at home and prefer my steak simple, but I’m sure I’ll find a way/reason to use this sauce. Maybe I can add some to a meatloaf or something!

Chateau White Garlic Marinade ($5) – I am excited about this product because they said something about using it in a salad. I like salads! I’ll probably also try adding it to rice and/or quinoa. Tofu marinated in this sauce could also be good! I tried adding it to some pasta (in place of pasta sauce), and didn’t really like the taste. Hope the other combinations are better…

October is ending in a few hours, so… November box is coming soon! Can’t wait!

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