October Knoshbox!

Why do I love Knoshbox? They send products from brands that I get excited about and frequently end up “liking” on Facebook. The snacks are usually also good/great, too. I just sometimes get more excited about the brands because they send a lot of chips and crackers, and I am just not crazy about chips and crackers. ;) I also love that their (beautiful) info cards mention the city/state that each snack company is based in.


Photo credit: Knoshbox

1. Lark Fine Foods Burnt Sugar and Fennel Flatbread ($7) (Facebook like!)
I love the logo and the box! The flavor is very odd and definitely different, but enjoyable… as long as I take it easy and only eat one cookie per hour/day.

2. Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups ($3?) (Facebook like!)
YUM! I’ve tried some products from this company before, but never the PB Cups. They’re GOOD! I was also happy to see that the ingredient list is good (considering that it is candy).

3. Salty Road Caramel Apple Taffy ($6.50-$7) (Facebook like!)
I don’t have much experience with taffy so I wasn’t super excited about this one at first. Then I tried the taffy… and couldn’t stop “trying” the taffy. Love the box, too! I don’t see myself buying more because I don’t think taffy fits into the “healthy meal” category, but I definitely wouldn’t mind getting other flavors in the future!!

4. Off the Farm Bars (Apple Cinnamon) ($3) (Facebook like! … even though they don’t really update much.)
I remember being happy with the ingredient list and the bar disappearing quickly. It wasn’t exactly memorable, but it is something I’d probably buy because I like having these kinds of products/snacks in my bag on busy days.

5. CB’s Nuts Organic Pumpkin Seeds ($4)
Haven’t tried these yet because I don’t really like the taste of pumpkin, but I’ll open them soon. Maybe at a friend’s house. I like the design of the bag and that they’re a Washington (not DC!) company. (I live in Seattle.)

Can’t wait to see and try what they decide to send this month!


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