Yuzen’s Winter Box

I love Yuzen’s seasonal boxes ($33 per box), so I was really happy to see the winter box on my doorstep (a week or two ago). I love Yuzen because they choose good (and eco-friendly/cruelty-free) products that tend to last several months.



1. JANE IREDALE’s 24-Karat Gold Dust – Perfect timing. Can’t wait to play with this item in December! I’ll probably try adding it to my eyes and my hair. I love how it sparkles! It’ll probably take me a few years to use all the dust…

2. JURLIQUE Rose Hand Cream – I’ve never had hand cream before, and this makes me wonder… why the heck not?! This product is great and I love that it’s small enough to keep in my bag (without being TOO small). I’m not sure I love the scent, though. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. It just… makes me think of a scent my grandma might choose.

3. KERSTIN FLORIAN Fuß Balm – Another win! I’m not sure why/how this is my first foot cream, but I love… pretty much everything about it. I’m not very good at actually using this every day, so the tube should last several months.

4. LEVEL NATURALS Travel Candle (Lavender Chamomile) – The container is small and super cute. I love candles and this company, so I’m very happy Yuzen included this candle in the box.

5. PINO Facial Mask – Definitely looking forward to using this mask! I like these kinds of products. I have too many of these kinds of products right now, though. I need to start using them more frequently…

6. SANITAS Moisture Mist – It’s a good size and seems like a cool product, but for some reason I just don’t care for… moisture mists. Gave this one to my cousin. Hope she loves it!

7. SPARITUAL Golden Rule Lacquer – It’s an easy-to-apply polish and it sparkles!! I love it.

8. SUN CUPS Dark Chocolate Mint Cups – I love chocolate and good treats, so these only lasted a few minutes. I love it when Yuzen adds chocolate to their boxes!

9. TARA SPA THERAPY Stress Relief Roll-On Remedy – It’s small and amazing! I think this will be a very… useful… item this season.

Is it bad that I’m already kind of looking forward to my spring box? :)


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