November Knoshbox – Bourbon and Beer


1. Whitney’s Castleton Crackers (Alehouse Cheddar) – I like the box and the flavor does sound interesting. I’m still not crazy about crackers, however, so I ended up taking this box to a game night at a friend’s house. Hope somebody enjoyed (or enjoys) them!

2. Granola Lab Brewers Bar – “Granola Lab’s Brewers Bar is a unique, chewy-crispy fruit and seed granola bar made with barley malt (also called spent grain). To brew beer, barley malt is first soaked in water to create a mash. The resulting liquid is further processed into everyone’s favorite alcoholic beverage, but the malt itself is discarded. The spent grain is collected from Kelso Beer Co of Brooklyn and baked into these bars along with dried apples, apricots, dates, pumpkin, sesame and hemp seeds. It’s mostly organic, vegan, and doesn’t contain any nuts.” The description got me a little curious, but the bar didn’t become one of my favorite products (in this box) until I took the first bite. It was SO GOOD!! I hope they start selling their products in Seattle soon!

3. Ovenly Old Salties – “Peanuts roasted in bacon fat and tossed with Old Bay, Worcestershire sauce, and spices. This is the ultimate beer nut.” I love the package and know several people who would would probably get excited about this product. I knew right away that it’s not a snack that I would ever choose to get, but I decided to try it anyway. The sample confirmed that it’s… really not for me. I’ll probably try to find someone who wants the rest of them.

4. Wondermade Marshmallows (Bourbon) – I love the box, the “type” of snack, and the mallows themselves! I discovered the wonderful world of gourmet mallows earlier this year, so this was definitely the item that I was most excited about (at first glance). This box… didn’t stay sealed and full for long. ;) I love that they’re delicious and small! It seems like many gourmet mallow companies make bigger mallows, so it’s nice to have a good “mini” option.

5. Mikuni Wild Harvest – Noble Handcrafters Tonic 01: Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup – I love the cute little bottle and the few things I’ve learned about this company. I also love that the co-owner/founder of the company is active on Instagram and “liked” the photo I posted of my Knoshbox. I haven’t tried the maple syrup yet because I don’t eat/make a lot of waffles and pancakes, but I’m definitely thinking about picking up some waffles (or pancake ingredients) this week!

So happy with this Knoshbox. Can’t wait to see what they decide to put in the December box!!

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