My first Hatchery Tasting Box! (November 2013)

Hatchery caught my attention several weeks ago and I quickly decided to subscribe to their monthly box.

The details: $20 per month (shipping included) for a box filled with 5-6 samples of artisan ingredients. The website says they will also have events, sales, and recipes for members.


First look!

I love how everything is wrapped and was happy to discover that all jars survived the journey! I also love that they included three little tasting spoons. The only somewhat bad thing is that a couple of the jar labels got a little damaged when I removed the tape/wrapper, so I can’t read an ingredient or two.

Not pictured – The information booklet is beautiful! I love that they feature the photos of the makers, information about the companies, and information about the specific products. The recipe ideas are also likely to be useful to many. I like that they include one full recipe in the booklet and have the rest on their site.

On to the ingredients in my first box…


1. Butcher’s Bunches Handcrafted Preserves | Get Your Guav’ On! – I love the cute little jar and that they tend to take it easy on the sugar. I used one of the sample spoons to try some, and don’t recommend eating it straight out of the jar… but I think it’ll be great on something. I just have to figure out what that something is…

2. HerbNZest | Curry Pumpkin Pesto – Love the little jar and am definitely intrigued by the flavor. Can’t wait to try it with/on something!

3. The Gracious Gourmet | Spiced Sour Cherry Spread – This jar is now very, very empty. I was NOT expecting it to be as good as it was! Nancy Wekselbaum makes a-freaking-mazing spreads. Can’t wait to try more of her creations!

4. Mrs. Belem Trading Company | 5 Peppers (Sea Salt) Blend – The full-size jar is definitely cuter than the packet sample, but I’m actually very happy with the size of the sample. I have a lot of salt in my kitchen and try to not add much salt to each dish, so this sample will probably last a while. I also like that it’s flavored salt!

5. Noble Handcrafters | Tonic 02: Vanilla & Chamomile Infused Maple Syrup – I love this little bottle! I received Tonic 01 in my Knoshbox last month and can’t wait to try both flavors.

6. O & Co. | Basil Specialty Olive Oil – I love good olive oil and flavored oils, so this is a pretty cool sample to receive. I would have definitely preferred a little bottle, though. Foil packets are so… messy. I guess I’m thankful they sent three, though. More olive oil!

I think this is a great box for people who love food and like trying new things/flavors. I don’t spend much time at home and normally only prepare food for 1-2 people, so I love that this box should inspire me to cook without filling my fridge with big half-empty jars.


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One thought on “My first Hatchery Tasting Box! (November 2013)

  1. gapey December 3, 2013 at 10:24 pm Reply

    You are always getting neat little packages. Fun stuff!

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