December Knoshy

“Knoshbox” became “Knoshy” a month or two ago. I haven’t seen any kind of announcement, so I hope they say something soon. About a month ago I had to unsubscribe because somehow somebody else’s name and email address got attached to my Knoshy payment Paypal account, and I found out that I couldn’t log in. When I finally got around to visiting again because I had subscribe again, I learned that they had raised their prices (from $30/month to $37.90 after shipping), so now I’m thinking I’ll take a break and maybe try some other boxes. I still like the brands they feature and will continue following Knoshy on Facebook and Instagram, though. I like their posts.

Here’s the “official” Knoshy photo of the products that were in my most recent box. I was planning to take a photo, but then I had to go to my cousin’s house to watch her cats (while she was on vacation), and… well, some of the items were gone by the time I remembered to take that photo. ;)


Theo Chocolate is based in Seattle and their factory is actually kind of within walking distance of my home, so I’m definitely familiar with the company and their chocolate. I occasionally buy their chocolate at Whole Foods and would have been happy with any of the regular flavors, but I’m glad they decided to include some seasonal flavors. I’m pretty sure I haven’t tried these flavors before! I like coconut and mint and am not so sure about gingerbread, so I ended up giving the Gingerbread Spice bar away as a gift.

I love the Lark Fine Foods logo and their boxes! Knoshy sent a package of their Burnt Sugar cookies several months ago and I ate quite a few of them, so this time I decided that the box would be a good hostess gift during the holidays. Hope the family who received them loved them!

S’more Bakery‘s Peppermint S’mores: So so so good. I probably should have taken these to my office or shared them with friends at a holiday party, but they kind of didn’t last long enough for me to take them anywhere. I’m so happy they decided to include these in the December box!

Lala’s Nuts: These nuts looked good and I like the little story on the website, but I decided to throw them into a white elephant gift exchange gift bag, so I didn’t get to try them. Hope the person who got them enjoys/enjoyed them!

Value (based on the prices in Knoshy’s market): $31

I’m pretty sure that number would be lower at a store or on some other big websites, but they’re small… and maybe shipping is included or something. In any case, I’m happy that they picked some great items and shipped them to my door. This box really helped me out during the holidays!


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