Hatchery Tasting Box – January 2014

I’ve been busy and also moved last month, so I’m a little behind on my box posts/reviews. Hope I can catch up today!

I love the Hatchery Tasting Box ($20 per month) because I love trying new things (especially food!) and learning about new companies. I don’t spend much time at home and don’t cook a lot, so their little samples are perfect for me.


1. Bavaro’s Italian Specialties Marinara – This was a nice and big sample! I ended up using it to flavor a giant bowl of pasta for my boyfriend. He said it had quite a (garlic?) kick and I’m not sure if he liked it or not, but the little bit that I had seemed good… and he did finish his food.

2. Dave’s Homemade Dark Chocolate Malted Fudge – This was probably my favorite item in the box because chocolate is awesome. I love the cute little jar and definitely enjoyed the product!

3. Virginia Chutney Co.’s Hot Peach Chutney – I am about 95% sure that this jar is still in my kitchen because I’m trying to convince myself to make something with it instead of just eating it with a spoon. I don’t really like cooking meat at home and pretty much never have shellfish at home, so I’ll probably end up going with their cheese plate idea. I love Brie and am pretty sure I’ve never tried Camembert!

4. Setter Mountain Norton Wine Jelly – I love wine and jelly. I’ve tried this sample and I believe I like the taste, but haven’t had much because it doesn’t feel “right” in the morning. Hatchery suggests adding it to caramelized onions or using it as a glaze for meats. I do have an onion in my fridge so maybe it’s time to look for “caramelized onion” recipes…

5. Virtuous Living – Faith, Hope, Love: I love the cute little bag and the ingredient descriptions on the samples. “Not gluten” and “not salt” are quite useful. I haven’t used these yet, but I will… for something. I’m glad Hatchery sends ideas!


– They changed their sample bottle packaging in January, so the packaging tape no longer destroys some of the labels. So happy about this!

– The little book also seems to change a bit every month. I’m saving them all and looking forward to reviewing them in the future to see how they’ve changed.

– I’m kind of sad they didn’t include any little tasting spoons this month. I really like those little spoons!

Important: I recently moved and made sure to contact Hatchery to update my address. They apparently made the change (they had my new address when I called) but for some reason the box still got mailed to my old apartment. I did end up getting it and am thankful that they sent out a tracking email in February, but that was… pretty frustrating. Hope their system generates the right address sticker/label in March.

If you’d like to subscribe to the Hatchery Tasting Box, this Facebook post is pretty useful…

“We’re giving new members a chance to try us at 50% OFF for the first month. Each box contains a hand-selected variety of artisan cooking ingredients from across the country. Use code SAVE10 at sign up!”

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