Popsugar Must Have Box – February 2014


Must Have Fashion
Gorjana Brooks Jewelry Roll ($45): I don’t know if I’ll keep this or give this item away because I’ve never needed a jewelry roll, but… I do love how it looks and feels! I hear it can also be used as a small purse/clutch. The color is actually perfect for me because I tend to buy red wallets and tech cases and stuff like that.

Must Have Beauty
Nourish Organic Argan Face Serum ($23.99): LOVE this item because it’s easy to use, organic, and apparently good for my face.

Model Co. Lip Pops Duo Lip Gloss and LipStick ($16): I love lip products in general and this one specifically.

NCLA Nail Polish (Rodeo Drive Royalty) ($16): I love the color and that this is my first NCLA polish. I’m not super excited about getting a new polish because I don’t really need any more polish, so maybe I’ll end up giving it to a friend…

Must Have Home
k. hall Designs Peony Candle Tin ($11): I love candles and am always happy to see one in my box! :)

Must Have Food
Sugarwish Candy (Cinnamon Hearts) ($6.25): I love love love the super cute box. I don’t really like this kind of candy, however, so I’ll give these to someone.

Special Extra
Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash (~$3): Am I excited about this brand? No. Do I like the product? Yes. Do I like the scent? Yes. I was surprised when I saw this in the box because I expect more interesting/exciting/high-end brands from Popsugar, but I’m still happy to own it.

This wasn’t really my favorite Popsugar month because I’m not super excited about the big value item (the jewelry roll), but it was still a good box and I’m happy to have 1-3 new items that could be good gifts (if I don’t end up keeping them). I like giving gifts and don’t love shopping because it’s really hard for me to pick things, so subscription boxes make my life much easier.

If you decide to subscribe to the Popsugar Must Have Box, please consider using my referral link. Thanks!


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