Spring 2014 Yuzen Box


Yuzen‘s mission is to “send you a little zen” and they send one box (each one is $33) per season. They also have gift boxes available all the time. I love them because the products tend to be natural/organic and it’s really nice to get some “tools” to help me relax (and take care of my body). I also always love how they pack their bags!


1. Acure Organics Radical Resurfacing Facial Treatment ($14.28): I like the other Acure products I’ve tried and recently purchased their leave-in conditioner. I should probably wait to start this because I’m using a face serum (that Popsugar sent in Feb.) right now and don’t really want to change my products every day, but I’m happy to own it and am definitely looking forward to using it!

2. Balances Guru Balm Me Up ($3): I’ll probably end up using this on my elbows and knees. I haven’t gotten super excited about this sample yet, but that might change when I actually start using it.

3. Chocolate Cherries and Almonds Chocolate Bar ($1.42): I love chocolate and am pretty much always happy to see it in a box!

4. Lotuswei Infinite Love Mist ($8.33): This is kind of an interesting idea but I’m not really excited about it. I’ll probably try using it to make my closet smell nice…

5. Sranrom Urban Wellness Calm Down Hand Cream ($4.80): I like the scent and do like hand creams. I feel like I have a few too many right now, but am still always happy to receive hand creams that are small enough to put in my purse/bag.

6. Sranrom The Mindful Living Compassion Candle (~$7): I love candles and am always happy to get another one. Thanks, Yuzen!

7 + 8. sumbody Bath Fizzers ($5.95) + sumbody BathMelt ($5.50): I wasn’t super excited about this because I don’t really take baths (mostly because the hot water tends to run out before the tub fills), but I’ll find a way to use this. I like that Yuzen shared some ideas on their Facebook page and on their blog.

I’m not super excited about the Spring box this year, but the value is still there and I can see myself using and enjoying each item that they included.

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