Blue Apron Meals – March 25, 2014

I love restaurants and don’t spend much time at home, so it took a while for me to try one of the meal subscription boxes… and now I’m hooked on Blue Apron! I’m so happy that my friend had a few “first box is free!” invites to share with friends because without that invite my boyfriend and I wouldn’t have enjoyed the three meals we enjoyed together this week, and we wouldn’t be getting a new box in a few days!

ImageTurkey Burger Sliders with Toasted Hazelnut and Arugula Salad… My boyfriend is sensitive to gluten so I ended up skipping the Panko breadcrumbs and using some gluten-free flatbread instead of the brioche buns (for his sliders). It took quite a bit of time to prep everything because I’m not really used to chopping and cooking, but this meal was great! The things that really stood out were the (pretty?) turkey package and the (great) amount of salad. I’m now also a fan of Ricotta Salata cheese. :)


Pan-Seared Cod and Red Potatoes with Remoulade Sauce and Frisee Salad… What a fantastic lunch! The cod was super soft and everything else was good. The radishes were a little bitter (as some radishes are), but I still enjoyed the salad. I really liked the portion size.

Crispy Chickpea Fritters with Ratatouile… This was the vegetarian meal this week and it was very good. The veggies were filling and I think the fritters “completed” the meal in some way.


– We have the “3 meals for 2 people” plan and it comes to about $10 per plate, which isn’t MUCH cheaper than some restaurants… but it is cheaper than some of the restaurants I like to visit and it allows me to share more meals with my boyfriend (AND cook for him). It’s probably cheaper to figure out my own menus (or browse theirs) and go grocery shopping, but that doesn’t really work for me most days/weeks… getting the “plan” and all the ingredients I need on my doorstep is so much easier.

– I hope Blue Apron adds a “gluten-free” option in the near future. I don’t like having to skip ingredients and I probably shouldn’t be eating left-over brioche buns for breakfast. ;)

– I am loving the portions and the amount of salad! Greens are good.

Looking forward to making 3-Chile Beef Chile, Roasted Chicken, and Tilapia Veracruzana next week!

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