Fancy Mystery Box (Women’s)

I’ve been looking at Fancy Box (regular and Tyler Florence) reviews for months now, but haven’t convinced myself to subscribe yet because I already get plenty of boxes and don’t really need two more boxes (that cost $39 + s/h). Then I saw the “$10 (+ s/h) Fancy Mystery Box” announcement and decided to go ahead and order one…

This is what I received in mine! If you decide to order one, you should know that you’re probably not going to receive the same items. I don’t know how many different options there are or if they’re just throwing whatever they have available into each box until the value looks good, but I don’t think I saw any of these items in any of the other boxes I saw when I glanced at the #fancybox hashtag on Instagram earlier.

ImageChina Glaze Nail Lacquer (Platinum Silver)… I don’t own any China Glaze polishes but am pretty sure I’ve seen them at nail salons. I like the silver color so I’ll have to see if the formula/brush work for me. I’m not really good at applying polish, so I’ll have to think about it and maybe keep it, maybe gift it to a friend. (Value ~$4.90-8)

LAEX Fancy Cardholder (Orange?)… I like that it’s a cardholder that says “Be Foolish” on it. I’m not sure if I really want to keep it, though. Pretty sure I don’t need it… and don’t really understand how the LAEX website sells these for $27. Do people actually buy these for $27!? I do like the box it came in, though… and the “Obsessively Designed and Made in California” stamp.

Vinyl Impression Wall Sticker (Work Hard Stay Humble)… I LOVE THIS! I’ve wanted a wall sticker ever since I saw them appear on several years ago. I couldn’t ever get myself to pick one, however, so this is my first one! (Value: $20)

One of the reasons I’m interested in the bigger “lifestyle” boxes like Popsugar Must Have and Fancy Box are big items like journals/notebooks. I’ve been wanting to get a cute/cool/pretty one but knew that I’d probably never get around to actually going to a store and picking one. I’m so happy I don’t even have to think about that anymore because Fancy sent me TWO awesome and simple notebooks. (Value: $12)

Am I happy I spent about $17 (after shipping and minus the small “first timer” discount code – FOLLOWUP10) on this Fancy Mystery Box? YES! I’m not crazy about the first couple items, but I love the wall sticker and the notebooks (and have wanted those items for months/years).

Thanks for reading! :)

-Inna B.


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