March 2014 Birchbox


Curly Hair Solutions™ Curl Keeper… I got this sample last summer and didn’t end up liking the product, so I emailed Birchbox to make sure they knew I received a duplicate sample. They responded pretty quickly and added 100 points ($10) to my account. Awesome!


Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume.. I like that this perfume sample came in an envelope. I’m not crazy about perfume samples because I almost never wear perfume, but at the same time that means I kind of like samples… much easier to “use up” a tiny sample than a whole bottle!


Supergoop!® City Sunscreen Serum… I’ve received a couple products from Supergoop! and I guess I like them. It’s also a good sample size. I don’t use a whole lot of sunscreen because I live in the Pacific NW and we don’t get a whole lot of sun, but I guess it’s always good to have some around and I do occasionally travel to sunny places.


INIKA Certified Organic Eye Liner (Green Lagoon)… I like the brand, that it’s organic, the color, and the sharpener attachment. I’m not an eyeliner fan, however, so I gave this “sample” (it appears to be a full-size item, yay!) to a friend who is trying to switch to organic make-up. Hope she loves it!


Birchbox Find: Jergens® BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream… “This five-in-one formula from Jergens® works on multiple levels to hydrate, illuminate, visibly firm, even skin tone, and reduce the appearance of imperfections. As if that weren’t enough, it absorbs into skin faster than you can say “flaky.” — Looks and sounds great! I’m happy they decided to include this sample.


It wasn’t really my favorite box but I’m glad I received an item that was a good gift and that I received $10 to spend in the shop because I got a duplicate sample.


If you’d like to subscribe to Birchbox, I hope you consider using my referral link. Thanks. :)

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