March 2014 Conscious Box

I paused my Conscious Box subscription many months ago because I was getting way too many duplicate samples and was really not happy about the container of menopause tables that were about to expire. A couple months ago I was thinking about how I loved some of the products that I got to learn about through CB, so I started looking for great deals. Eventually found one that let me get 3 months of boxes for $20, so I signed up again.

My first box contained…

1. Sneakz Organic Yummy Veggie Nutrition Milkshake – I’ve received this one before and my boyfriend seems to think it’s… okay. He says it just tastes like chocolate and vegetables.

2. Via Nature Hydrating Lotion: Swiss Apple and Via Nature Sensitive Care Lotion – bundling this together because they’re little foil packets and because they’re from the same company. I don’t really love lotion, don’t really need any more lotion, and don’t like foil packets.

3. Halfpops – Good sample size. I know I’ve tried these before but I don’t know if they were in a subscription box or if I got a sample at an event. Gave the bag to my boyfriend and he didn’t complain. :)

4. Derma E Soothing Anti-aging Trifecta – I don’t have my box with me and I can’t remember if this was just an info/coupon card or a foil packet sample. Pretty sure it was one of those two things.

5. Mighty Leaf Herbal Teas – I guess I’m happy to have a few new teas to try. I’m not super excited about this brand, but I’ll throw the samples into my box of tea bags and probably eventually try them.

6. Natural Dynamix Kramp Krusher – These are interesting! I believe the label said that they should be consumed when you’re working out. They only included a couple and I had just gotten home from a super long day (and was still sore from a morning work-out), so I tried them right away. Really didn’t like the taste… and not sure if they helped anything. Oh, well. Still happy I got this sample!

7. Hebron Raspberry Diarrhea Relief – Heh. I’m glad they included these two little containers because it seems like a really useful product for some people. I don’t need them, however, so I’ll have to think about how to give them away. It’s not one of those things I feel super comfortable just offering up. ;)

8. Dr. Hauschka Firming Mask – Looks kind of cool, but… aghhh! Foil packet!

9. Pangea Organics Eye Cream – Another foil packet! Somebody else sent me a way bigger eye cream sample a while ago so I should probably use that one first, but I guess this is a pretty useful sample because it can introduce someone to a brand/product and give them enough of a sample to see if their face will tolerate the formula.

10. Pangea Organics Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom Lip Balm – A balm that’s probably full-size! Finally… a sample in this box that I am really excited about!

So…. I’m really happy I only paid about $6.67 per box. I know CB has some good months and some bad months, but this month… really sad about this month. Hope they send some better stuff in April and May!


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