Popsugar Must Have Box – March 2014

How have I not written this yet!? I guess I was too busy being excited about EVERYTHING that was in this box!

Image Brokedown Clothing scarf ($72)… I love this scarf because it’s soft and pretty. Looking forward to warmer days so I can start wearing it more frequently!

Dogeared lucky horseshoe make-a-wish necklace ($30)… I’m sad that the string will “wear off” someday, but I kind of like the idea and definitely like the charm. The other neat thing is that I got to learn that a couple of my friends are fans of Dogeared and can apparently recognize their products when they see them on people (and in pictures). I might end up actually using the coupon code they included in the box!

BaubleBar Elephant Ring Tree ($12)… Super cute and definitely useful! This little guy now lives on my dresser and I kind of want to also get the cat… or some rings. Or a necklace.

ActiveForever Medical Supplies Fusion Exercise Ball ($10)… I like my big exercise ball and am happy to have this small one. I’ve been a bit busy unpacking stuff (moved recently) and resting (and apparently cooking…) whenever I’m actually at home, but I’m looking forward to trying some of the exercises Popsugar recommends on their blog.

Jurlique serum ($30)… It’s an easy-to-use product and it’s supposed to be good for my skin. Joy! I’m also really happy to receive a second Jurlique product. I like the hand cream that came in my Yuzen Box several months ago!

Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps ($2-3)… I like the new look! My boyfriend used to buy these in bulk because we really like them, but eventually stopped because we realized we were consuming more salt than we wanted to by eating these every day. Still enjoy these every once in a while, though!

Nature’s Bakery Strawberry Fig Bar ($1)… I was hungry when I opened my Popsugar box, so I enjoyed this little snack right away. It was pretty good.

The March box was awesome!! I can’t wait to see the April box!

If you decide to subscribe to Popsugar Must Have (it’s about $40 per month), I hope you consider using my invite link. Thanks! :)


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