First/April 2014 MakrBox – “Classic”

I recently met the MakrBox team (they’re based in Seattle!) and shortly after the meeting I realized that I like supporting great makers and Pacific NW companies/people too much to not be a MakrBox subscriber. I was also happy to discover that they have a few box options: minimalist ($14), classic ($29+$5 shipping), and maven ($59+$7.50 shipping). I want more and bigger items but don’t really need functional art right now, so I decided to go with the “classic” box.


Flying Bird Botanicals Organic Tea (Farm and Forest): I love this tin and really need to get in the habit of drinking tea every (or almost every) day. I think it could also be a good gift.

Fisher Woodworking Sauté Tool (Alder): I didn’t realize how much I would like this item until I started using it. So happy to have this tool in my kitchen!

Alchemy Goods Night Out Wallet: I’m probably going to give this wallet to a friend because I don’t really need a “night out” wallet, but I think it’s cool that it’s made out of “upcycled bicycle inner tubes.” I like giving gifts… and it’s kind of nice to get a good gift item that’s not hair spray or make-up.

Bonus – I didn’t take a picture of the item information cards, but they’re also cool! I think the Fisher Woodworking card mentioned something about winter cooking, though, so they may need to keep seasonal mentions off the cards in the future (if they plan to send items at different times to different subscribers).

Can’t wait to get my next/May box…

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