Popsugar Must Have Box | May 2014

ImageI love the Popsugar Must Have Box and recently upgraded to one of the pre-paid plans because it’s a little cheaper than paying $39.95 every month. I think it’s normally worth $39.95 to me because the value is usually $100+ and I love many of the items, but if you are able to pre-pay… why not save a little? :)

Must Have Beauty – (:|)
Smellbent Perfume Spray in St. Tropez ($45): I’m not sure I like this scent and prefer to stay away from most scents anyway, so it’s probably a good gift item… but not a great item for me. I’ll think about it for a few days and then probably pick a friend to give it to. I do like the package, though!

Must Have Home – (:D :D :D)
Citrus Zinger Infuser Water Bottle ($16.99): Now this is absolutely perfect! I’m a member at the yoga studio in my neighborhood and don’t cook frequently enough to run the dishwasher more than once a week, so it’s nice to have extra water bottles. I also love the little citrus attachment… I love fresh lemon water.

Must Have Home – ( :) :)… )
Kerry Cassill Sleep Mask ($24): How did Popsugar know I’ve been thinking about sleep masks?!?!?! I’ve never worn/used one before, but I’ve been thinking about buying (a cheap) one to try out because car headlights sometimes light up my new bedroom at night. It’s not a HUGE problem and I’ll probably just get thick dark curtains at some point, but it has been a bit annoying. Darn… whoever decided to put what is now my bedroom window across the street from a residential intersection/hill.

Must Have Beauty – ( :) )
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Nail Lacquer (Pool Boy) ($10): I’m really excited about this item because I love the name of the company. I also kind of like the color. I’m a bit annoyed by the nail polish collection that I now have thanks to subscription boxes, though… I really like relaxing for ~30 minutes while somebody else works on my nails, and they sometimes don’t like using my products. One nail lady got annoyed by my Spa Ritual top coat because she thought it took too long to dry.

Must Have Fitness – (:)…?)
Tone It Up! One Day Fat Blast DVD (~$10): I started getting more excited about fitness when I first started taking Pilates last fall and now I’m a member of the local (vinyasa) yoga studio, so this is kind of interesting to me… and it’s kind of not. When I’m home I usually want to relax or work or get some chores done, so fitness videos aren’t really “my thing” at this time. It also doesn’t help that my only DVD player is the desktop that I pretty much stopped using when I got my MacBook Air. My boyfriend still uses it sometimes and it is in the living room, but even he has switched to his laptop.

Must Have Food – (:|)
Hi I’m Skinny Sticks (Multi-Grain Sweet Onion) ($2.99): I like that it’s a big bag and that this snack “saved” me when I was really hungry and didn’t have the patience/time to make anything, but I didn’t really love this item because they were super messy and… well, I just don’t love most chips. I normally hand over all the popcorn and chips to my boyfriend (who loves popcorn and chips), but I couldn’t do that this time because these chips weren’t gluten-free.

The May (2014) box was… good but not my favorite. I hope June is amazing because June is my birth month (and because I love amazing boxes)!


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