Yuzen’s Summer 2014 Box

ImageI love Yuzen because they send quarterly (not monthly!*) boxes, big samples, and eco-friendly products. I also love how they pack everything… it’s always so pretty and nice. A lovely gift. The Yuzen box is $33 per quarter and you can also buy single gift boxes.

*I love monthly boxes, but would quickly get overwhelmed if Yuzen sent these every month. Many of the samples are big enough to last 1-3 months… some even longer.

1. AROMAFLAGE Botanical Fragrance & Insect Repellent: This is a tiny sample that will probably have to sit around for a few months (or until I decide to visit a big park). I’m starting to see more bugs around Seattle, but they’re thankfully not really a problem right now. (knock on wood…) It does seem like a useful/cool product that makes sense for the summer, though. I want the bugs to stay away!

2. HUGO NATURALS Handcrafted Vanilla & Sweet Orange Soap: This soap is already in my shower and I love it! I probably should have waited because I have plenty of other (older) soap bars on the shelf, but this one is more… interesting. I’m glad they decided to include it!

3. KERSTIN FLORIAN Lavender Body Spray: It’s a good size and a scent some people definitely love. I love the KERSTIN foot balm that Yuzen sent a season or two ago! I don’t know if I’ll keep this one, however, because my boyfriend and I don’t really love strong scents (or perfumes or scent sprays)…

4. KNEIPP Balancing Lavender Herbal Bath: I like the little bottle and am looking forward to trying out the product. Hope I can get my hot water to last longer now that it’s warmer out! I like that the “goal” of the product is balancing… I could use some more balance and peace of mind. :)

5. MYCHELLE DERMACEUTICALS Ultimate Lash and Brow Serum: I think someone said the value of this is about $62… wow! I don’t think I’ve received any other lash or brow serums, so I think this is a cool/interesting product and a great value (considering the whole box cost me $33).

6. SENCHA NATURALS Pink Dragonfruit Mints: There’s a chance I’m a little addicted to these mints. I love the taste and the package! I also like that they’re gluten-free, that the package says “green tea inhibits bacteria to fight dragon breath,” and that three mints are apparently equal to about one cup of green tea antioxidants.

7. SHAMANUTI Seaweed Toner: I’m pretty sure I don’t have any other toners, so I’m happy to own this one. I like that it’s small and that it contains seaweed… just because that sounds interesting. The bottle also looks nice. From the website: “Delicately adjusts pH, while nourishing & refining pores.”

If you’d like more info about these products and why Yuzen chose them, check out Yuzen’s “brands” page.

I’m a little sad that we didn’t get anything like a candle this season, but definitely love the food item and most of the other products. Very happy with this box (and company)!

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