May 2014 Hatchery Tasting Box

Time for another Hatchery post! I love this box because I love receiving little samples (especially jars and bottles!) of artisan ingredients. The Tasting Guide booklet is also cool because it’s pretty and contains information about the producers and products. I don’t usually end up trying any of the recipes they recommend/mention, but like that they normally include recipe ideas for each item.

Cost: $20/month.

ImageKing Knish Five Spice(y) Ketchup (San Francisco, California): I love ketchup (and tomatoes), so I was really happy to see this ketchup in my box! I also really like this: “His creative flavor combinations are always carefully considered with respect for tradition and all of his ingredients are sourced from local Bay Area producers.” I got a chance to try this ketchup this morning (with some eggs), and thought it was quite spicy but good. I’ll have to try it with something else soon!

Heidi’s Salsa (Happy Medium) (Los Angeles, California): I like salsa and small jars, so I guess this is another winner. I’ll just have to figure out how to use this one (and the two salsas I got a month or two ago)… take them to a friend’s house? Buy some chips and eat the salsa at home? Search for a recipe that has “salsa” on the ingredient list?

Stuart & Co Beef Spice Rub (Brooklyn, NY): I like the little container and the producer’s story (on the Hatchery site). I don’t normally buy meat, however, so I’ll probably give this one to a friend who likes to grill. Hope they decide to use it when I’m at their house!

Lori’s Salt Caramel Syrup (Ashland, Oregon): I love the product/ingredient description on the Hatchery site (see link!) and I’m really curious about the “salt caramel” flavor idea. I think I need to pick up some gluten-free waffles at Trader Joe’s so my boyfriend and I can try this syrup together!

Olivelle Tahitian Lime EVOO (Bozeman, Montana): I love olive oil because it’s easy to use, and I like that this one has an interesting flavor. It’s also a good sample size!

Olivelle Toasted Coconut White Balsamic Vinegar (Bozeman, Montana): Basically the same story as the olive oil… except it’s a little harder for me to find a use for vinegar. Most of my cooking involves Blue Apron recipes/ingredients and those only usually ask me to add my own olive oil and salt, but I’m sure I will still find a way to enjoy this vinegar. It would probably be good as a white bread dip, but I don’t normally have white bread at home… maybe I’ll just pour some on a salad, or check out their recipe idea.


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