Hazel Lane Classic Box | May 2014 | California’s Gold and Wine Country

Hazel Lane recently got my attention because I like discovering new cities, supporting small businesses, letting others shop for me, and… well, the founders (Ashley and Samantha) seem pretty cool.


Billy Sky Jewelry crystal necklace: It’s not exactly my style, but that’s one of the reasons I like this necklace and Hazel Lane. I also like how it feels… good energy, or something. Hard to explain. Also: Category win! Hope they find other cool pieces made in other cities/areas.

The Girl and the Fig Black Mission Jam: The producer is not new to me, but the product is! I also happen to like jam.

TOTE+ABLE Flask (4oz): This is definitely an interesting and fun item! I haven’t started using it yet and I’ll probably use it for water and not for anything more exciting, but I’m happy to have it. Category: This one’s tough… I don’t really need more than one flask, so maybe the category is “stuff for the purse” or “stuff for the home” or “beverage container.” I like those categories…

Whole Spice Citrus Herb Seasoning: This looks like a great item, but I don’t cook much… so I gave it to a friend who does cook a lot. Category: “Food” is fine but things like spices are less exciting because I don’t really need them.

I think the card with a personal note is a great touch and love the little boarding pass info card. My last name has an extra “c” in it this month so I mentioned it on Instagram… they said it’ll be right next month. :)

Can’t wait to see what I get in my June/Portland box!

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